Doll with spirit ?

I got this doll in a second hand shop and always sensed something hanging around it,nothing bad …bizarrely an old lady spirit not a little girl,
Seems I might be right because my grand daughter treats it very respectfully, she never plays with it and always leaves it sitting in it’s chair, she has never asked to take it home which is odd as she always tries to take toys home from my house.
But…she always says goodbye to it and hugs it before she goes home.
I think I will do some tests with this doll.
Maybe calling it “Annabelle” was not such a good idea 😉



7 thoughts on “Doll with spirit ?

    1. I know,I even asked did she want her and she said “,no,she lives at your house” she is not scared of her be cause she would of told me,I have to hide one of my witch dolls when she visits because she told me she is scared of it xxx


      1. HUH this is a real puzzler isn’t it Eevee? Maybe there is a spirit at your house that has attached herself to the doll? To be seen or heard? It certainly is a cool mystery!


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