Pendulum session re building works

We are furious about the horse paddock opposite our house being built on which will take away our view of the woods.
That paddock has always been paranormally active and we have recorded many strange things there,and we were getting a lot of activity when they started the works,which can be very common,building works are notorious for stirring up paranormal activity …so I decided to do a contact session with the new pendulum board I had made (this was a few months ago)
I felt the spirits of the “witches” from our village were not happy either.


The board I made


The answers I got,the words spelt out were CENGS and VEG or CENG SVEG

I googled those words and found that SVEG is a Norse (I have Norse heritage) word for “defrauded” or “betrayed” this would fit considering we were lied to about no building works ever being done on the field and our long running feud with our less than ethical council.
CENG only came up as some kind of technologies ?

The board told me that there was a “visitation” spirit and that it was “negative”,that fit with some of the odd happenings at the time.

It said “electrical”…we were having electrical problems that we assumed were caused by the building site.

It said “not government” I asked if anything “alien” was involved as we have dealt with things of that nature in the area,it replied “don’t know”

I asked if it would go away if I cleansed ,it replied “yes” so I did cleanse with sage and the trouble stopped.

It said a “lost entity” was present,that seemed to leave when I cleansed but I don’t know if the builders have been having any problems.

This was only a five minute test but quite interesting that it should come out with a Norse word

WARNING: as with ouija boards do not attempt anything like this without a competent medium present,it can be dangerous !!
Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


7 thoughts on “Pendulum session re building works

  1. Wow! That was some reading you got Sis! Obviously whatever or whoever is over in the paddock IS very upset. It is so sad that that beautiful piece of land is being mis-used in such a way.
    Progress just sucks!


      1. Zoning by-laws seem to be changing all over the place Eevee. There was a by-law here that apartment building could only be 5 stories high. Well at some point the people who decided to build the “High Rise” next door to my building built an 8 FLOOR high building with 3 distinct sections that total 186 apartments! It is ugly & very hard to keep clean or manage. Had the planners built 4 separate buildings only 5 floors high with a Common garden area for sitting that would have been lovely. But oh no! It is a mausoleum that dwarfs our 2 floor 56 unit building…..
        I refer to the buildings as ‘Heaven’ & ‘Hell’, lol….you can guess where I live? 😉


      2. YUK is right….wait did you say 95 floors?????Is that even allowed? It can’t be safe if there is an earthquake!!!!!!!
        London sounds like it is crammed in now totally!


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