Paranormal ? Damage to heater

I am not stating that this is definitely paranormal but it is really strange,as you know we have been hearing noises like punching or kicking of objects in our living room,well I discovered this had happened to the heater, no it has not been dropped ,that wire mesh is fireproof so should not melt or […]

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New spirit board

Yay my spirit board I bought from my friend Michael arrived ,I know I make these myself but could not resist as I love Anne Stokes stuff ,love the planchette with this one ,as usual here is my warning.. Do not use without a competent medium present,if you dont and it goes wrong it is […]

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Mothers day amazement

On Mothers day my three year old grand daughter made me a cake and get this…she did not just decorate it ,she also made the whole thing from scratch,on her own !! Her mummy just set out the ingredients for her and got it out of the oven for her,she watches her mummy bake cakes […]

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Reading of local skeletons

It was in the paper this week that two skeletons were found while part of the ring road was being dug up,as you can see from the article the skeletons are barely even visible,but I decided to do a reading as the archaeology person states he thinks it was a Pagan burial as the bodies […]

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