Link with Arwen ?

link with my grand daughter Arwen ? I just randomly sent her Mummy Amber a “frozen” sticker on facebook,never seen them before until now and it turns out Arwen was wearing her frozen dress at the exact same moment,she has not worn that dress for months and it was about 8am,it is a preschool day so I know she randomly put the dress on as she cannot go to preschool in that.

A random coincidence or a telepathic link (I used to have those with her Daddy all the time,even when seven miles apart)

Here are screenshots of my Facebook,you can see the frozen sticker that I just discovered and Amber saying “this is her right now” with a photo she sent.




7 thoughts on “Link with Arwen ?

  1. No such thing as coincidence! You 2 are definitely linked Sis….I remember when my Mother & Nanna & I were so linked. y Mother & I would sit on each side of the phone & think “Nanna/Mother call me” & within 2 minutes Nanna would call & say, ” Now what do you 2 want?” Used to make us laugh all the time…


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