Reading of local skeletons

It was in the paper this week that two skeletons were found while part of the ring road was being dug up,as you can see from the article the skeletons are barely even visible,but I decided to do a reading as the archaeology person states he thinks it was a Pagan burial as the bodies were face down,that did not sound right to me,as a Pagan I am pretty sure that the foetal position is normal and facedown is an insult ! Foetal is used because we go back to our Mother I.e earth.
Also these skeletons were in a foot deep shallow grave which points to murder and I am amazed they did not rise to the surface as that road often gets flooded by the river.
Only last year I think it was an old skull was found in the road outside my sons place while some roadworks were being done,and where his flats are a Roman skeleton and old kilnworks were found before the flats were built.

Here are the feelings I get about the latest find,I could be wrong but I tend to work best with unsolved crime readings
It is in note form because I quickly emailed it to myself as proof ,should I be right

Eliza merry or Merry weather
Aged 19
Poss maid at old bridge
Jonah/Jonas from old stukeley
Age 22
Male relative
No dowry from girl so not good enough
Cartwheel bolt or spoke near by (used to dig hole or knock them out)
Mummified cat /shoe or witches bottle
Whoever buried bodies were scared they would be haunted
Naked burial ,where are clothes fragment?
Was that for humiliation purposes ?
Dug up later and cleaned as a cleansing
Face down..not pagan,its an insult or they were rolled in hole and fell facedown
He had enlarged leg bone due to disease (not stated in paper)
Washed their hands and clothes in river
The name Woody or placename /death in a wooded area


My quickly scribbled notes


You can find somewhere in my blog readings that helped a murder in Canada and a blog. About me getting LOADS of info about the Suffolk prostitute murders ten days before it was made public


10 thoughts on “Reading of local skeletons

  1. Very interesting reading…and very odd the people were buried face down…. I have never heard of that in any culture……hhmmmm…I hope there will be a report or something so you& I will know how close you are……


      1. Burial face down is a sign of disrespect to the person who has died. They might have been a criminal of some type. Or if it was thought they were a witch or something supernatural they would be buried face down. Also people who committed suicide were buried face down. Very interesting & you were right on in your theory!


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