Arwens super eyesight

Indigo kids sure have super eyesight, we picked her up from preschool on Friday and on the way back I asked hubby to stop at a charity shop,I had seen a necklace in there earlier and realised I should have got it for Arwen,she asked me if she could come with mei tried to talk her out of it because its a huge struggle getting her out of her car seat,and then getting her back in and we were only round the corner from her house, I told her I only had £1 anyway,but she insisted….

We went in together,luckily the necklace was still there



She loved it as it had a fairy and fairy bells on it, as I was paying she said “grammi,you should get that one” and rustled around in a huge box that was full of necklaces, right under some huge chunky bangles she found a bracelet with the smallest owl on it !! Better than that I think it has garnet eyes,garnet is my birth stone …amazing,she must of seen it with her abilities because it was not visible without digging under all the other jewelry !!


It is soooo tiny !!


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