Grand daughters plane premonition ?

This could be nothing but a couple of weekends ago our grand daughter chalked this on the path in our garden,she has literally only just learnt to draw more than faces in the last two weeks

She had been drawing flowers then drew this random plane


With a sad face in it,she never draws sad faces

Just makes me wonder as another passenger plane went down yesterday !

When I first started on my psychic development I was plagued with premonitions for about two years (there are plenty of examples in the “premonitions” category)
Premonitions are horrible as there is nothing you can do about them, they tailed off for me after that as I seemed to go through different development stages.

Maybe just a coincidence that she drew this but I did shudder a bit.

Screenshot from my Facebook showing the day she drew it…after I posted it on Facebook she confirmed it was a plane but had no idea why she drew it !


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