She sure has my “gifts”

We babysat tonight til really late as our daughter in law was on a night shift and our son was at a stag party

We had a fun night,our grand daughter was allowed to stay up late and we watched “labyrinth” followed by “the making of labyrinth” she is in no way scared of that film,kids these days are not scared of things like we used to be,I remember hiding under a cushion at “Scooby do” and hubby says he was scared of “the Muppet show” showing Arwen the making of the film was a good idea just in case she was worried by it but she wasn’t,she has seen it at least five times and LOVES David Bowie just like I do
Here we are during our “labyrinth appreciation night”





Here she is ,entranced by the ballroom scene

She has seen much scarier films and even met “malificent” at Disney,who would of scared me when I was little,that’s for sure !

She went to bed about ten pm after various bedtime stories including “gruffalo” which does not scare her either,

Get this,she snored happily for hours but she woke up crying the exact moment her daddy must of been in the lift on his way up to the flat at about half past midnight, I asked if she had a bad dream “yes” ,was it about the goblins in labyrinth? ” …”no”  I cuddled her and she laughed when I air grabbed her dream and threw it out of the window ! We discussed seeing each other next week and then her daddy walked in,she was so happy to see him then went back to sleep with a smile on her face,

This is not the first time she has woken up when her mummy or daddy have just arrived home,no you cannot hear the lift from inside the flat,and it is always at totally random times,it’s not like they always arrive home at the same time…. I think she sees them arrive in her sleep state,its some kind of telepathy (remember the blog I wrote about her telepathically sensing EXACTLY what I was showing her brother and the exact words I was saying to him !)


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