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The robin came to watch isaac

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You will need to zoom in probably



Isaac stroking willow for the first time


The goalpost that arrived just in time

Yesterday we were babysitting,I was going to tell hubby to put our spare buggy in the car because the kids one is really heavy and awkward for my weak arms to push as it is one of those three wheeler types,but I decided against it as I thought he would start complaining (it was early morning lol)

So we got to the kids,hubby took grand daughter to preschool and we decided to take grandson to the park,we just got round the corner to discover the buggy had a flat tyre (seriously,who invented buggies with pump up tyres ? A ridiculous idea) we had no choice but to go the seven miles back to our village and collect our buggy,
It worked out well for Isaac because the goalpost I had ordered him from eBay about five weeks ago had arrived while we were out,I had said to hubby that it would be good if it was there !!

I noticed the robin that visits our grand daughter sitting on the garden sofa,I have NEVER in my life seen a robin in the summer before ! I told it that arwen was at school, it flew away…a couple of hours later when we were out the front putting Isaac in the car the robin sat on the birdbath next to the car and was watching Isaac ,I am 100% sure now that it is a message from the grandkids great Gran who passed away !


Message from a barn owl

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Lovely day with the grand kiddies today and it was finished off nicely by seeing my power animal a barn owl fly over our car @v@ why oh why didn’t I have my camera !! It sort of makes up for not being able to do our usual hilltop sunrise watching cos its been raining so much every where is marshland, i was just saying on the way home what crap wiccans we have been lately as we didn’t get to do Ostara or Beltane properly this year, i was wondering if we should just quit, then I saw the barn owl,obviously telling me that its OK,we are still on the right path and that we are forgiven for not taking part..pretty amazing as I have not seen a wild barny for quite some time !! #thankyouowlie #wewillnotquit

Such a shame we couldn’t take part this year as it is a really special solstice



Pictures :sourced from Facebook and set as Shareable /public


Image : Wikipedia found under “free barn owl pictures” search
This is exactly how it flew past and was this low

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My dads spirit at my aunts ?

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Yesterday we took our grandkids to my aunts house because she had not met baby Isaac yet, it was a really hot day so we sat out in the garden ,because she lives in a bungalow you can see right down the hallway and see every door from the garden if the back door is open.

Arwen has been to my aunts a few times and she loves it there,I was surprised that she was not very interested in a big box of princes crayons and some beautiful books my aunt got out for her to play with and she was not interested in the garden,cats or rabbit (all the animals were outside) that was very unusual !!

I found her in my aunts living room standing there staring, there is not much to look at as my aunts place is minimalist and not full of collections like my house, I told arwen we were all going to stay in the garden and I shut the living room door…..time and time again she went back to the living room door and knocked repeatedly on it ! I told her that no one was in there and there was nothing to see but she kept doing it,its not like her to be mischievous, she told my hubby “I HAVE to go in there and see someone” she was very serious,I could understand her playing a game to get in there if there were toys or the TV was on,but it was just an emptyish silent room,
At the same time Isaac who would normally be very shy in a new place was toddling up and down the hallway and in and out of the kitchen giggling to himself like he was playing with someone,he was not playing with arwen !

I then saw Arwen on numerous occasions with her ear to the living room door like she was listening to someone, no one else was there and its really quiet at my aunts….

Until hubby clearly heard my dad’s cough outside the living room door !!
My dad was close to my aunt and would often stay over at hers and sleep in the living room,he hated sitting out in gardens.

I did wonder why Arwen looked at me like I was bonkers when I told her no one was in that room

I like to think dads spirit visited because he never met Isaac and only met arwen twice when she was small (she still swears she sees him down town)

The behaviour of both kiddies sure points to that


Arwen not at all interested in the princess colouring crayons and box


Isaac looking towards the house

When we got home we found lights on we know we had turned off and the screensaver of the DVD player on the TV screen,that DVD player has been not used for nearly two weeks and you can’t turn it on with the remote control that is in a big owl pot on a corner table, so its not as if someone sat on the remote by mistake !

Oh dear.mystery solved !!

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That awkward moment when you are filming the sounds of a UFO outside that you have been hearing for the last hour, narrating “so I don’t know what this is ,I can hear it clearly,a sort of humming, clicking ,sounds pretty low but no lights visible” getting really into it and about to drag hubby out of bed to go outside….as I walk past the office to go to the loo first I realise something, its actually a IWP,whats that you may ask ? You’ve heard of UFOs,and probably IFOs (identified flying objects) you may even have heard of USOs (unidentified submersible objects…basically underwater UFOs, well……..a IWF is a “identified working printer” !!!! Forgot I left it on and from the bedroom it sounded otherworldly,I did think it odd that when I opened the window it did not sound as loud….oh for gods sake,I’ve been a paranormal investigator since I was 9 years old !! #evensocalledexpertscanbeidiots #willneverlivethisonedown …laugh then,you know you want to

Spirit art ? Terry

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I had a spirit dream last night
Although this accident took place on our road it does not mean it did.
This man had a neck brace on and had been hit by a small lorry or large van, a white one that had fled the scene, he was surrounded by police and paramedics so I did not get a close look at him but he had a long beard,quite straggly,strawberry blond/reddish and he had brown long straggly hair.
Age about 50-55
Looks “nerdy” (no offence)
Very quietly spoken.
He was either hit crossing a road at night in the summer but it was drizzly rain and a bit foggy,he may of been walking down the side of the road or even pushing a bicycle (did not see the bike in my dream but it jumps out at me)

Interesting that the name Terry kept coming upon evp ,and “help Terry” at the house case I’ve just investigated,Terry may even be his surname rather than first name.