The robin came to watch isaac

You will need to zoom in probably Isaac stroking willow for the first time The goalpost that arrived just in time Yesterday we were babysitting,I was going to tell hubby to put our spare buggy in the car because the kids one is really heavy and awkward for my weak arms to push as it […]

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Message from a barn owl

Lovely day with the grand kiddies today and it was finished off nicely by seeing my power animal a barn owl fly over our car @v@ why oh why didn’t I have my camera !! It sort of makes up for not being able to do our usual hilltop sunrise watching cos its been raining […]

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My dads spirit at my aunts ?

Yesterday we took our grandkids to my aunts house because she had not met baby Isaac yet, it was a really hot day so we sat out in the garden ,because she lives in a bungalow you can see right down the hallway and see every door from the garden if the back door is […]

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Oh dear.mystery solved !!

That awkward moment when you are filming the sounds of a UFO outside that you have been hearing for the last hour, narrating “so I don’t know what this is ,I can hear it clearly,a sort of humming, clicking ,sounds pretty low but no lights visible” getting really into it and about to drag hubby […]

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Spirit art ? Terry

I had a spirit dream last night Although this accident took place on our road it does not mean it did. This man had a neck brace on and had been hit by a small lorry or large van, a white one that had fled the scene, he was surrounded by police and paramedics so […]

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