Missing actress

Yesterday I saw this on the news I emailed my thoughts to myself A lot of it I have blocked out for now as I feel it is info that is very private and will not come out til a later date So a relative was relevant and the time It was about 8:20pm that […]

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The missing blanket

Our grandson has a favourite blanket,but it is very special as it was the one he came home from hospital with on the day he was born… A few weeks ago we took him out,I don’t remember having the blanket, I was sure it was in his changing bag that hangs on the pram handles,we […]

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The car fire (remote viewing)

FROM MY FACEBOOK : Omg Beardie did his hero bit again when he was taking nate to a gig they saw a car on serious fire,he screeched to a halt,ran down the road and was yelling “get back” cos the lads were trying to rescue their music equipment from the car (typical musicians !!) Beardie […]

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Mini URB exer

Not only is our grand daughter psychic like me,a good photographer and creative but she has now discovered another of my loves…URB exing !! We discovered a derelict building on the way to the park and she was fascinated, I did not take her inside as that would be dangerous but she had a look […]

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