Facebook tests

Normally those tests on face book are silly but these came out quite accurate


I am a hippy at heart, I have a big thing about people “standing by me” which is what my husband has done through lots of serious problems that would break most couples up,and here is a useless fact: when I worked in a hotel as a teenager Ben.E.King was a guest,I didn’t meet him but I met some of his entourage, my son was black in a past life (will blog about that) he is a musician and his surname is King (which was my grand maiden name)


I am an indigo “light worker” so this is correct


Well this would symbolise my Irish heritage


Yes ,this is true!!


I am creative ,my kitchen is bright orange lol


This one is spooky, I have been a poet and had some work published (posted on here somewhere) I was once invited to be a TV psychic in Budapest ! And its a place I would love to visit


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