The missing blanket

Our grandson has a favourite blanket,but it is very special as it was the one he came home from hospital with on the day he was born…
A few weeks ago we took him out,I don’t remember having the blanket, I was sure it was in his changing bag that hangs on the pram handles,we discovered it was lost 😦 I did not understand it though because if it fell out of the bag that hangs above my feet I would surely have walked over it ?
We hunted high and low for it
I even went to my aunts house to check but I remembered we had not even taken him there.

I could not believe it that night on “EastEnders” a baby on there had the same blanket


I offered to get him a new one,I did say though that I should maybe come over to their house with my pendulum as I once found their TV remote with it that had been lost for days,I also said where I felt it was

Today my daughter in law texted me




Here is the text I sent at the time it was lost


I sort of guessed correctly as the dolls house is between the bed and wardrobe !

So glad it has been found as I felt really bad and was going insane from wondering where it was !!!


9 thoughts on “The missing blanket

  1. I always wondered why certain things of mine went missing when I was a child. I used to think my Guardian Angels were playing tricks on me. And now when things go missing I always put it on my MA…
    When I leave out candy & for the item to be returned it always showing up in a weird place. I’ve even yelled at her…..Then I say apologize when she brings the item back…..
    As for powers of deduction you are amazing!
    I wish I had such a power….
    Peace & Love S-E. ❤ ❤


    1. I think whoever did it was the person who filmed Issac,I just don’t think he would manage to film himself ! It was probably his great nanny playing tricks from the spirit world,well thanks to whoever it was I was going off my head,feeling really bad about his precious blankie lol xx


      1. Is Great Nanny prone to playing tricks? My Mother is the greatest ‘trickster’ of all! My Brother Dale can be pretty sneaky too….but it is always harmless pranking.
        I think Great Nanny & my Mother are in this together….
        Goddess help us both!!!!!! 🙂


      2. I don’t know , I shall ask amber if her nanny was a joker when she was alive,I never met her (nate did) the photos I have seen of her she looks like she was fun ,I love the stories you have told me about dale xx


      3. It would be interesting to know what Amber’s Gran was like for sure! Dale is very much ‘alive’ in the spirit world. if I ‘ignore’ him or do not realize he is here, he rattles the dishes in dish drainer….
        When he REALLY wants to get my attention he levitates something from the kitchen counter….nothing like a hovering banana to get one’s attention! I kid you not!!! What a clown…..I miss him being here in the flesh….he’d be 55 now!


      4. I know I know…all b4 the age of video option on camera…..No one believes me….well you do…..
        Dale was always playing with bananas….trying to make people laugh…..C-L-O-W-N ❤ Thru' & thru' ❤


    1. That is because you KNOW what is truly capable from the Other Side!!
      The past week my Mother is sending some sort of message thru the bathroom nite lite….
      And I just figured out what she was trying to tell me!! D’oh!!!
      My 2nd hubby Dave had a massive heart attack end of July & was dead on table; he was revived & is finally home with his wife but not doing well….
      My Ma ADORED Dave!!! I am such a dunce for not realizing what she was trying to tell me!!!!!


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