I just noticed !!

I just noticed how much this cherub looks like my grand daughter ! Although the date on it is 2012 (the year she was born) that date was when I finished the picture,I actually drew it in about 2004 but lost it and did not colour it in until 2012 ! Her hair is actually […]

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The Pocahontas link

Our grandsons middle name is Rolfe because our daughter in laws family are related to Pocahontas !! And her husband’s name was John Rolfe. It explains why my daughter in law ,her mum and sisters all look so exotic. I found that they are linked to a spooky ghost story in America http://weekinweird.com/2016/06/15/shocking-discovery-at-indianas-haunted-grave-in-the-middle-of-the-road-unearths-seven-mysterious-bodies/ You can […]

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Red admiral visitor

Yesterday I found a beautiful red admiral in my bedroom lamp,I have NEVER seen one in the house before This is their spiritual meaning The very minute I was posting this I saw this on the news new butterfly blog click here Advertisements

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Nature walk (and the dragonfly coincidence)

On Tuesday we went on a nature walk with our grandchildren ,we had promised them a picnic Well wasn’t it clever of me to pick the hottest day ever I ended up collapsing ,and was crawling while pushing Isaacs buggy ! Me and the heat do not mix But before that we had fun and […]

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Past life reminder today !!! Airship accident

(Picture credit :mail online) My past life memories just came back after seeing this (you will need to read my past life blogs for the full story) but long story short I was on the R101 that crashed ,it always upsets me that there are many films,documentaries and books on the Hindenburg airship disaster but […]

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