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I just noticed !!

Posted in coincidences, indigo kids, my handmade crafts on August 31, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I just noticed how much this cherub looks like my grand daughter ! Although the date on it is 2012 (the year she was born) that date was when I finished the picture,I actually drew it in about 2004 but lost it and did not colour it in until 2012 !

Her hair is actually bonkers curly like the drawing when she leaves it down and wild

Its the first ouija board I ever made,I have made loads more since then

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The Pocahontas link

Posted in ancestors, paranormal on August 29, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Our grandsons middle name is Rolfe because our daughter in laws family are related to Pocahontas !!

And her husband’s name was John Rolfe.

It explains why my daughter in law ,her mum and sisters all look so exotic.

I found that they are linked to a spooky ghost story in America

You can see mention of john Rolfe on this plaque

I did some more research last night and saw that there is a link to someone called John King ,interesting then that my son changed his surname to my grand maiden name King just when he met my daughter in law (my family is actually related to dick Turpins sidekick Thomas king)

It was also interesting to read of the link with Pocahontas and the De Rothschild’s (Rothschild) of all the woods near us ,and there are many,we had been promising to take our grand daughter to the very nature reserve ,which was one of the first in UK and started by a Rothschild !

Which you can read about in a previous blog

Red admiral visitor

Posted in ancestors, animals, butterflies, heritage, witches butterfly on August 29, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday I found a beautiful red admiral in my bedroom lamp,I have NEVER seen one in the house before

This is their spiritual meaning

The very minute I was posting this I saw this on the news

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Nature walk (and the dragonfly coincidence)

Posted in animals, celtic birth trees, coincidences, dragonflies, indigo kids, nature and grounding, nature walks, owls, trees on August 25, 2016 by Psychic eevee

On Tuesday we went on a nature walk with our grandchildren ,we had promised them a picnic

Well wasn’t it clever of me to pick the hottest day ever

I ended up collapsing ,and was crawling while pushing Isaacs buggy ! Me and the heat do not mix

But before that we had fun and I felt nice and calm from the “grounding”

This kind of looks like a Monet painting

Where we went is one of the first UK nature reserves,its about a ten minute drive from our house, because it is “the fens” it is as flat as Holland but it gives wonderful views of the sky

Our grand daughter was overjoyed to see the “magical house” in the middle of the woods

It is on stilts due to flooding, the fens are basically marshland

Arwen announced “ghosts live in there” and she is right,because in the past I have got evidence of that, you cannot go in the house but you can look through the windows

We found a lovely bench that was not there last time

We sat on this ridge looking for rare Chinese water deer, we didn’t see any 😦 I have only ever seen one before they look like teddy bears with tusks, they don’t have antlers

Isaac was COVERED in jelly !!

We did our “woodland trust” activity pack “invite a tree to tea” we invited my birth tree the birch

Arwen collected lots of leaves and acorns and feathers

This was how bright the sun was !!

On the way out we wrote our sightings on the board, a buzzard and a marsh harrier

We saw two baby shire horses going for a walk

We saw millions of dragonflies, I have told arwen that I believe they are fairies 🙂 this nature reserve has half of the species in the UK including the rare “chaser”

I did not have my camera with the zoom lens so did not manage to get a picture of one 😦

So imagine how surprised I was to find one when we got home,I have never seen one in our garden before in the ten Years we have lived here !

Pictures from another of my cameras,the dragonfly was on the roof of our gazebo

I also saw these on Facebook that evening

It was a lovely day ,apart from the heat and the walking has set my pelvis and hips off but it was so worth it,if I don’t get out in nature I get really stressed

seeing more and more dragonfly things on Facebook

Past life reminder today !!! Airship accident

Posted in past lives on August 24, 2016 by Psychic eevee

(Picture credit :mail online)
My past life memories just came back after seeing this (you will need to read my past life blogs for the full story) but long story short I was on the R101 that crashed ,it always upsets me that there are many films,documentaries and books on the Hindenburg airship disaster but R101 is barely mentioned(not even in this paper article from today), if you read my blogs you will know that my past life persona knew airships were dangerous and did not want any made in the future 😦 at the grave of the R101 victims we got evps that backed that up) Cardington hangers where the R101 and this “flying bum” that crashed today are no doubt cursed due to the 100 people who died making the hangers (actually they are called “sheds”) thankfully no one was hurt or worse today !

If you ask me there is a definite curse with airships,and always will be ,I think one of the reasons the R101 crashed (apart from arrogance of certain people) was due to the builders deaths,apparently the Hindenburg was made from metal from the crashed R101 !!

My main spirit guide Eileen Garrett was part of a famous seance involving the R101 tragedy
Airships are also not a good idea because they rely on certain weather,we once went to Cardington to watch a new airship only to find it couldn’t come out due to the wind.

Seems that lessons have not been learnt !!


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