To be honest I’ve never really needed to meditate to help my psychic abilities but as I get older and the “fibro brain” gets worse I’ve decided I need a little help, so I’ve started a meditation ritual that I shall do everyday,
I listen to specific binaural beat music that activates the pineal gland (third eye)
Which must be listened to through headphones.


With selenite and clear quartz on my third eye chakra ,both can amplify images or info that you receive


Prana breathing ,where you breathe in through one nostril and out the other, it really helps relaxation


Amethyst on my third eye chakra,amethyst can amplify psychic ability and also protect you from negative energies or spirits



I put mugwort oil on my forehead as that aids psychic ability and I hold a clear quartz “scrying egg” in my hand

I will be experimenting with various crystals and I’ve taken to holding one every night while I listen to my “rain machine”

I did not get much during meditation today apart from seeing a black helicopter in my minds eye (when I finished meditating one went over our house !) I saw a black star (I know what that means) a horse, a ballerina and a partial face of an old woman,she was wearing a particular type of hat.
While meditating it felt like someone kicked my bed (that happens to me during the night quite often)


7 thoughts on “Meditating

  1. You sure have quite a system for meditating. I am totally in awe!
    I am one of those people who could no more meditate than fly…I have tried but nothing has worked. My ‘thing’ is dreaming. Harder now with meds in me & the Fibro & other issues.
    I DID have a very short weird dream this morning b4 I woke up. Will send a regular email via FB…not sure what it means at all.
    And you are the only person who knows how my mind works….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


      1. I will stick with ‘stream of conciousness…that works for me….
        And you dream analysis was FAB!!! Thank you for taking the time to help me….
        I replied on FB email…what you wrote makes total sense.
        I could just (((squishyhug))) you…oh wait! I just did!! 🙂


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