Wishing jar 

Last night I was still very stressed about our car situation and had to get outside to relax.

My hubby had bought me a lovely owl from the pound shop to cheer me up so I made a power animal “wishing jar” with it,we blessed it in our garden henge and asked that our car be returned soon ,after all,hubby needs it in order to get to do his voluntary work with the owls !!

We did not see any meteors as it was too cloudy ,but obviously they were there and it should help our wishes,I could not be bothered to set up my proper camera but the moon was lovely.

The wishing jar

My hubby also got this robin for our grand daughter to keep in our garden because that is her power animal

Blessing of the wishing jar in our garden henge (log circle)

Willow the duck joined in ,she loves being outside at night but when it is bedtime she is put in her cosy house til the morning


5 thoughts on “Wishing jar 

  1. LOVE the Wishing Jar!!! What a great idea…..
    And I love the power animals…Wicca is so like Aboriginal culture!!!
    And sweet Willow….she is a delight isn’t she????
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


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