Full corn /sturgeon moon

As usual the batteries where dead in my proper camera but I went out and took some pics with my tablet so they are not brilliant, its meant to be a lunar eclipse but I am too dizzy to stay out 😦 the moon had a slight pink tint ,not visible in the pics.

We were also investigating a strange light on the building site and heard the “beast” noise that we caught on camera many years back, but tonight it was so brief I didn’t have time to catch it,its a big mystery that I shall blog about at some point, but if you are on my Facebook you probably remember the very eerie videos I posted a couple of years back (debunked as NOT being an animal)


7 thoughts on “Full corn /sturgeon moon

  1. OK what I am about to say might sound CRAZY…so here goes:
    The Moon has shone brighter since David Bowie has gone from this Earth….Seriously…..I have noticed this all year…..even my friends who are not as ‘aware’ as us have said they see the Moon bigger & brighter & with more color to it….Maybe our ‘StarMan’ is letting us know he is still with us in spirit……..
    Love you Sis ❤ ❤


    1. I soooo agree !! The stars are clearer too and we had the best meteor shower in a decade a few days around the 7 month anniversary of his “going back to Mars” !! Its him ,I know it too ,love you more xxx


      1. I am glad I am not the only one to see this. My friend Maureen K-C in Mississauga, Ontario also sees what we are seeing. She is a Bowie devotee also.
        I totally KNEW it had to be David Bowie connecting with the people here who love him… 😉


  2. I really need to write my blog about him ,you will be astounded,but first I need to research Marc Bolan more as I have justjust discovered I have links with him too,and he was Bowie’s friend !!


      1. I loved the band T-Rex & when I saw a photo of Marc Bolan he looked so familiar to me…..
        My 2nd teenage boyfriend was a drummer in Hamilton (I was 15 & he was 24). Jim Rigby was his name. He & Bolan could have been twins!!! Will await your blog with anticipation!!!


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