Husband : another past life ?

I am yet to write a blog about my husbands past lives but this new one came up yesterday, I was sleeping with a picture jasper under my pillow ,they are good crystals for past life recall,in my dream I saw my husband in a grey uniform and heard the word “Serbia” he looked to be from around the 1800s,in my dream I was with him but he was not allowed to be with a “foreigner” and that was all I got,

When I woke up I had to Google to find out where Serbia is ,I am awful at geography, interested to find it is near Romania,somewhere I have always wanted to go.

I was fascinated to see that the Tesla museum is in Serbia ! I have been fascinated with him for years,and I have wondered if one of us had a past life link with him

He was born in Croatia 

This morning I looked up Serbian military costume

It is exactly like in my dream !!

The not being with foreigners thing fits because in this life he is half Greek Cypriot and there was A LOT of trouble when we met,his family were not happy we got married and sadly he disowned them,you will often find that details like that follow from past life to present life.

Hoping to find out more information ,but both of us disagree strongly with military and war !!


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