Past life reminder today !!! Airship accident

(Picture credit :mail online)
My past life memories just came back after seeing this (you will need to read my past life blogs for the full story) but long story short I was on the R101 that crashed ,it always upsets me that there are many films,documentaries and books on the Hindenburg airship disaster but R101 is barely mentioned(not even in this paper article from today), if you read my blogs you will know that my past life persona knew airships were dangerous and did not want any made in the future 😦 at the grave of the R101 victims we got evps that backed that up) Cardington hangers where the R101 and this “flying bum” that crashed today are no doubt cursed due to the 100 people who died making the hangers (actually they are called “sheds”) thankfully no one was hurt or worse today !

If you ask me there is a definite curse with airships,and always will be ,I think one of the reasons the R101 crashed (apart from arrogance of certain people) was due to the builders deaths,apparently the Hindenburg was made from metal from the crashed R101 !!

My main spirit guide Eileen Garrett was part of a famous seance involving the R101 tragedy
Airships are also not a good idea because they rely on certain weather,we once went to Cardington to watch a new airship only to find it couldn’t come out due to the wind.

Seems that lessons have not been learnt !!


If you are interested you will need to read them all in the order I have linked them (the bottom one is long but a fascinating read)


2 thoughts on “Past life reminder today !!! Airship accident

  1. Over here we call them BLIMPS. And that is not something I would want to go flying in…
    I am more your Bell Huey helicopter kind of girl 😉
    I can imagine the disquiet you feel when you look at ‘downed’ airships!!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


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