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Mandela effect pt 2 the JFK assassination ,what’s going on ?!!

Posted in conspiracies, mandela effect on September 29, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I wrote a previous blog about the strange “Mandela effect” phenomena before,I am one of the people who CLEARLY remembers Mandela dying while I was at school, I started researching again and came across some mundane things like words in films that have changed and different spellings of products such as “febreze/febreeze” I think those examples are a bit silly and some manufacturers probably do change spellings for marketing reasons or to fit words onto packaging in a clearer way but something I saw today ,REALLY FREAKED ME OUT,

I was not born at the time of JFKs assassination ,but I have seen footage plenty of times over the years,this is what I saw :

Black and white footage

A four seat (well five seat,if you fit three in the back) car,

It was a cream coloured car

Four people sitting in it

I saw JFK s head jerk back,almost hitting the boot of the car and the gore flying out of the back of his head

I then saw his wife who was sitting at the other end of the seat immediately clamber out of the car and crawl onto the boot

I asked my husband what he remembered ,he said the exact same as me apart from he saw a black car

So I just could not understand what I saw in this video


click here

Why the hell is the car totally different ?

Why are there more people ?

Why does it look like his wife shoots him

Why does his head not jerk back ?

Why does the gore come straight out of the top ?

I just don’t get it 

I understand why the footage is now in colour, it was probably filmed in colour but changed to black and white so the gore was not so shocking, that I can see being the case.

How come this is not world wide news ?

The conspiracy theorist in me says that the only logical explanation is that he didn’t die,it was a hoax death (some famous people do that) but why two completely different sets of footage ? If a hoax why on earth would the wife be implicated if she didn’t do it ? Why on earth would they act /dramatise that ? It doesn’t make sense !

I have seen the mortuary photos of JFK ,really horrific and I doubt that they were able to make dummies that realistic back then ?

The conspiracy theorist in me has never believed the shooter in the book depository story, he was probably a “patsy” ,convenient how he himself was killed not long after ,but how shocking if his wife did it,and if she did,as it seems in the footage, someone else close by must of made a shot at him that got him in the chest or throat causing him to slump forward so she could then slip the gun in,but who ? It may of been possible it was a sniper ifit was the smaller car,NOT possible if it was the larger car with more people in it and a glass partition,they must have been one hell of a shot,

Husband said maybe it was photo shopped ,I doubt that,they couldn’t even make the moon landings look real (not getting into that now ! That’s another subject)

Yes,maybe its been photo shopped recently but what would that prove ? Why make it look like his wife did it ?people accepted the Lee Harvey Oswald narrative all these years ,why change the story now ?

Why would his wife risk killing him in public though ?

This whole thing has freaked me right out,this is a very rare moment,a subject I’ve been very uncomfortable researching and I love research, I do it constantly 

Just cannot wrap my head round this,seriously, I am disturbed !!


Psychic finds : crystals

Posted in coincidences, psychic finds on September 27, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday I was drawn to a charity shop and in the bargain bin I found some large crystals so I grabbed them because they were only 50p each !!

These would probably be worth at least £10 each,they look like some kind of quartz

I wasn’t even planning to go shopping that day as we had the grandchildren at ours but I got a sudden urge and told hubby we needed to get to that particular shop quickly

On Facebook that day I saw this picture and had the urge to screenshot it,not knowing why

Its almost the same shape as the grey one I picked up and is clearly jasper in its rough/raw form before being polished/tumbled….Just like the grey one I got which is also raw

Another rock star coincidence (the smiley face sticker)

Posted in apports, coincidences, kurt, paranormal our house, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on September 24, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Sitting here minding my own business watching a paranormal program and this sticker appeared out of nowhere onto my thumb,I had my hand on the table in front of me the whole time #spooky

Comments between me and a friend on facebook (Nate is my son) i was very sad to hear he has given up music as he is so talented ! Maybe this links to how i feel about that,maybe its a winking smiley face because he WILL go back to his music ?

This was on Facebook that day !!

Scuse the immature photo but its the only one I can find right now and its ancient ,you can just see my smiley face tattoo

Then something REALLY creeped me out,I do tons of research, my latest obsession is the “smiley face murders” *shuddering*

I do think this is more likely to do with music though


found a pic of Marc Bolan wearing this !!

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks

The anniversary recording

Posted in anniversary contact, E.V.P and I.T.C, paranormal, spirit contact, spirit voices, stone tape theory, time recordings on September 12, 2016 by Psychic eevee


Last night I was watching some paranormal programs and getting annoyed with them so instead I watched for the millionth time “interview with a poltergeist” as I knew the head investigator of the Enfield case, he dealt with my poltergeist while I was also living in Enfield and told me I would end up being an investigator myself.

After I watched that I went upstairs and the lamp on the landing turned itself off then there were three loud thumps on the bookcase near my head, I assumed it was to do with the poltergeist case so I got out a spirit box and started recording,

The recording was like nothing I have ever heard before,I could hear explosions and falling metal,I listened for about five minutes before I realised the date…11th sept !!

Hubby came to listen as well and we were slightly freaked out if I am honest because we seemed to be listening to a replay, and no one would want to hear that

Here is a rough transcription ,I do not think I will post the recording yet as I do not wish to upset anyone as it is such a dreadful subject

But all the way through we could hear,explosion s,loud thumps,crackling like fire,metal dropping and voices that sounded like they were down tunnels (stairwells ?)

We even heard sirens


“Get out” (as in escape)


Crackling fire

“Go left” (instructions from a rescuer?)


“You don’t remember” or “your in danger”

I ask them to slow down a bit


“Move up” ( did they think they were safer moving up a few floors ?)

“Over” ( like the sign out signal on a cb radio)

“He’s dying”

“Help help”


“Window” (this made me shudder)

A lot of door slamming

“Save him”


Lots of falling metal




Calling down tunnels or stairwells

“Yes” when we discussed if that was what we were hearing 


Crackling like fire

“Help” on a radio



I ask for names



” ……. with you ”


A woman calling someone


Lots of unknown sentences,all very echoing

“………with me”

“Manson” or “mason”

After I mention them looking for the light …”heaven heaven”

I say “if you so believe in heaven” (I am advising them how to free themselves) “yes”

I say “you don’t want to be stuck there”



I Say “look for the white light”

“I have”

I tell them to follow it


“Your leading me”


I ask “do you need help”



I ask “is this a time recording”




“Trying to get to heaven”


I will admit the whole recording spooked me, it was so unlike anything I have heard before,I thought maybe it was a time recording due to hearing the sirens,falling metal and things like that but I did get answers to some questions ! 

I have never attempted to make contact with spirits from tragedies such as this,it is just not how I work, that is what made it so shocking,it was not my intention !!

I feel awful that 15 years later some of those poor people are still reliving what happened, I really hope they can move on to the light and I will be doing a healing ritual to try and help,I felt so uncomfortable with the whole thing that I stopped contact after 15 minutes and do not wish to repeat it.

I will probably post the recording on my Facebook just for my close friends to listen to because I am not trying to “go viral” its all way too sad and would be disrespectful to do so, I know there are investigators that would love the chance to get well known with a recording such as this ,but its not my style, I only wish peace for the victims and their relatives.

(C) eevee 2016

Dice throwing

Posted in cleromancy dice divination, coincidences, dice, dice reading on September 5, 2016 by Psychic eevee

​I shocked my cousin Marcus ,I threw a dice behind me without looking and said “watch me get a four” and I did..then I said “watch me get a two” and did !! #amazedmyself 

Wish I had filmed it but I do have three witnesses

Probably just a fluke ,I’m interested in trying again

Remember when I was helping with a murder in Canada and a dice symbol appeared on my face, turned out to be symbolic of a gang that may of been involved !!