Psychic finds : crystals

Yesterday I was drawn to a charity shop and in the bargain bin I found some large crystals so I grabbed them because they were only 50p each !! These would probably be worth at least £10 each,they look like some kind of quartz I wasn’t even planning to go shopping that day as we […]

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The Bolan evps

I am a big fan of Marc Bolan so I decided to see what I could get on the 39th anniversary of his passing I used various devices and will UPDATE when I’ve been through them all but this was the first one **** A lot of windy weather heard,wonder if it was windy that […]

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The anniversary recording

IF YOU WERE DEEPLY AFFECTED BY 9\11 DO NOT READ THIS !! Last night I was watching some paranormal programs and getting annoyed with them so instead I watched for the millionth time “interview with a poltergeist” as I knew the head investigator of the Enfield case, he dealt with my poltergeist while I was […]

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