The Bolan evps

I am a big fan of Marc Bolan so I decided to see what I could get on the 39th anniversary of his passing

I used various devices and will UPDATE when I’ve been through them all but this was the first one


A lot of windy weather heard,wonder if it was windy that morning

Man saying “sleep”

A British ambulance noise (note how I got an American one on the 9\11 experiment) an old sounding one like from the 70s

When I ask which kind of car he passed in a man says “mini” twice,this is true

When I ask where did you die a man says “Barnes” this is true,it was near Barnes common


“Let me out” he was pulled out of the wreckage

When I ask what his sons name is I hear “rolan” faintly but it sounds like a woman, rolan is his sons name

“I’ve gone to heaven”

“Do that”

“Do that” said louder


When I say I’m going to try a different device a man asks “who was that”

Banging on metal noises (people getting him out of the car ?)

“I’m out”

When I ask what the number plate of the car was I faintly hear “fox” this is true

I stated that he knew he was going to die ,a man answer “yes” if you look on YouTube under “Marc Bolan prophecies” you will find some very very odd coincidences regarding his death ! He even once stated he would like to die in a car crash but his rolls Royce would be no good and it “would have to be a mini as im so small” his mini was used that night

The noise of a car revving up

“Circle” did he see life as a circle ? He did sing about dancing from the womb to the tomb ,or was the road part of the south circular road in London ? I need to look that up

“All done quick” (his death was instant)

“I’m still here”

“Help ” or “hello”


That was from one device ,I need to get the other recordings onto computer

r.I.p Marc

well knock me down with a feather,although we lived in London for many years we are not familiar with that area,that’s why I was not sure if Barnes was on the south circular, I just looked it up

I got my husband to listen to the first evp without telling him what I heard,I did not expect him to hear as much as me because I have hypercasis (6 times better hearing than normal) but he heard almost the same as me and a few different ones,he heard

MARC !!!

fire (there was no fire at the crash though so I don’t know if that relates to the cremation)

Get me out of here


I am surprised he heard “rolan” as that was a class c evp

But he did (I didn’t tell him) we wondered who it could be as it sounds like a woman and Rolans mum is this side of life ,maybe it was marcs first wife June ? who is on the other side now,or it could be marcs mother ?

The male voice on the evp is very softly spoken, just like Marc !

This experiment was no way meant to be disrespectful, I really admire Marc ,but he was very esoteric in life so I figured he may like to come through,and some fans I am sure would like to know he lives on,on the other side

Regarding the wind we heard,that was not from the car speeding as it wasn’t, if I am reading this chart correctly for sep 16 1977 there was wind but not gale like,the wind we heard was average


7 Responses to “The Bolan evps”

  1. *wiping tears from my eyes*
    I cried for days when Marc Bolan died. I remember my Mother & StepMonster making fun of me….it was awful. Here this lovely young man lost his life & they were ridiculing me & his music. So it stuck in my mind & has haunted me ever since. I did not know about his wife or child so reading what you heard is wonderful. So sad his wife is also dead….
    I hope Rolan is doing well….I must Google him!!!
    Thank you for sharing the EVP’s….I am blown away!
    Love you to the Moon & back 444,444 times, Sherri-Ellen ❀

    • It was a tragic loss but Marc knew !!! Theprophecies he made are uncanny,June was his wife but they split up and he got with his backing singer Gloria ,who he had Rolan with,one of the prophecies was a song called “Mrs Jones” (Gloria surname) WAY before he. Met her and the lyrics in that song were “the road I’m on Gloria,won’t take me home” !!! Shivers ,also he got obsessed with a painting of a sycamore tree titled “16 sept” the date he died and he hit a sycamore tree ! Also the lyrics in “solid gold easy action” : “as easy as picking foxes from a tree” #eerie ,there are so many more prophecies he made,you can find them on you tube,I get sad when I hear Rolan sing his dads songs,he was only 22 mths at the time,but he REALLY sounds like his dad πŸ™‚ how horrible that they made fun of you ,musicians mean so much to people ,I am still not over Bowie,don’t think I ever will be. shall post the evps here when I get them onto my computer properly,love you gazillions xxx

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