Psychic finds : crystals

Yesterday I was drawn to a charity shop and in the bargain bin I found some large crystals so I grabbed them because they were only 50p each !!

These would probably be worth at least £10 each,they look like some kind of quartz

I wasn’t even planning to go shopping that day as we had the grandchildren at ours but I got a sudden urge and told hubby we needed to get to that particular shop quickly

On Facebook that day I saw this picture and had the urge to screenshot it,not knowing why

Its almost the same shape as the grey one I picked up and is clearly jasper in its rough/raw form before being polished/tumbled….Just like the grey one I got which is also raw


3 Responses to “Psychic finds : crystals”

  1. Hurrah for Jasper of any color!! I find Jasper to a ‘power’ stone for me….
    And once again your intuition paid off Sis!!! Great finds!

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