Samhain blessings from my duck

I don’t do “Halloween” and have a mean sign on my door saying “no trick or treat” which is probably ironic as I am a witch lol, but its a serious ancestor festival to us and also the second anniversary of my dads passing 😦 But I did dress my duck as “count duckula” and […]

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Triangle “UFOs”

We have been seeing black triangle “UFOs” for years (as long ago as 20 years) one went so low over our house it shook the foundations, there is never much noise with them, just a low hum. I have never thought they are “alien” I always thought they are top secret military craft, remember when […]

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Past life reading for GT

Firstly I want to thank this client for their bravery in letting me post this, I have blanked out his name for no other reason than I always keep readings confidential. This client is a very brave “trans” person who was born a girl but transitioning to be a man, I have nothing but admiration […]

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Don’t go there

There are some locations that I think paranormal investigators need to stop using as thrill seeking adventure locations,I shall choose two places off the top of my head Clophill church ruins in UK: Yes I’ve been there, yes I did get evidence, in fact a clear apparition of a “monk” in white standing in the […]

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