My photography: finished hunters moon shots

So after I wrote my article (previous blog post) I found some time to edit my hunters moon photos,its an important moon to me because it is grand daughters birth moon ,so I try to photograph it every year.

Please do not use without permission

(C) eevee photography


11 thoughts on “My photography: finished hunters moon shots

    These photos are incredible!!! Reeni & I watched the Moon for a long time the night b4; the night she was full & the night after….we could see her ‘face’ & the halo we saw was just breathtaking…..
    Thank you for sharing your photos; my camera could not pick up the detail at all.
    Love you to the Moon 9really) & back, Sherri-Ellen ❤


      1. Ahh I am so sorry your sightings have not been good! Last night we could see Grandmother Moon clearly & she was a yellow-orange color & had 2 rings around her….but my camera did not pick up the halos’. It seems your Moon sighting has been rather limited this year…..what a bummer!
        Maybe it will improve next year….. 😉


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