Triangle “UFOs”

We have been seeing black triangle “UFOs” for years (as long ago as 20 years) one went so low over our house it shook the foundations, there is never much noise with them, just a low hum.

I have never thought they are “alien” I always thought they are top secret military craft, remember when the stealth bomber was mistaken as an alien UFO ?

Its no coincidence that we are surrounded by air bases where we are.

So it seems that now people are realising they are not alien craft !

Remember the Vulcan ? That was very futuristic and no doubt scared quite a few people when that was first spotted.

I believe that “aliens” and “UFOs” are government made and not visitors from other planets.

I have no idea what this is though ,it was photographed in our area over the river,I think its a hoax (not by whoever took the photo) it looks to me like the base of a bouncy castle with lights stuck to it

Or it could even be one of those liners that they wrap straw bales in ? And filled with helium, in fact looking at it again now I don’t see lights, it looks like paint

this has recently been exposed online,a patent for triangular black aircraft (not alien UFOs !)

Don’t know how true it is

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