The Dyer coincidence

Ive had a crush on Danny Dyer for years ,and wouldn’t you know it,a coincidence has appeared . I was watching him on the genealogy programme “who do you think you are” and he was shocked to find he is related to Thomas Cromwell, and Edward 3rd. Well,my hometown currently (I’m also from London like […]

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Psychic art

This spirit actually appeared to my honorary nephew at the same time I was drawing These ones are awful drawings because they came through in trance but they are to do with a recent unsolved crime (please don’t mention if you know which case I’m talking about) I will be adding some more of my […]

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Health update :(

Ive been having headaches for 20 years which was assumed just to be part of one of my chronic illnesses. But the past year they have been getting worse,it was then assumed they were migraine. In the past two weeks I have been having constant excruciating pain in my right eye,it feels like a Viking […]

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