What the heck Marc !!??

stupid tablet,thanks for wiping about 2000 Bowie pics and 1000 Bowie videos,cos I’ve got nothing better to do than try to track all those down again..OMG JUST REALISED SOMETHING, earlier today my tablet malfunctioned and the date went back to 1 Jan 1970 (wish I’d got a blooming screenshot of that,but hubby saw it) which puzzled me cos gadgets will go back to default year of when they were made ,so this should of gone back to no later than 2014 ! I’ve been getting more evps in regard to Marc Bolan,hubby made a point cos its funny how all my Bolan videos and photos are still there,yet Bowie’s are gone… 1970 was just about the year Bowie got famous properly after “space oddity” in 1969,there was a friendly rivalry between Bowie and Bolan to see who could be famous first (also I just signed up for sound cloud and used a picture of Bowie and Bolan as my profile pic) so anyway,hubby says “maybe Bolan is jealous,he was a bit bitchy wasn’t he” lol,so true,he was !!! Well thanks Bolan but can you restore all my Bowie collection ? Thanks so much


11 thoughts on “What the heck Marc !!??

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Ok I am not laughing at you losing pix & vids; but what if Marc decided to play a gag on you…or even David…maybe they are in this together???? Boys united & all that??? Oh Eevee….the spirits do like to play don’t they????
    (((hugs))) your Sister, Sherri-Ellen


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