Real life Bast/bastet

I blogged a couple of years back ? About my cat Goddess Freyas disgust when I bought a new bast statue because my big one vanished..UPDATE: I recently found it just sitting on the sofa in my hippy van which puzzled me hugely as I searched the van over and over and its not like its very big !

Anyway ,my grand daughter has a kitten called Pascal and he looks so like bast all he is missing is the earrings,I have never in all the years that I worked as a vet nurse seen a cat with such a peculiar nose !! Bless him,it looks almost human,im sure his past life was an Egyptian cat, he is a lovely little guy

Look at his nose !! Its not been injured,he was born like that.

I love him so much I keep hoping he will accidentally get I’m my bag and come home with me 🙂

Look ,same nose !!!
The original blog about Freya and the statue

click here


8 thoughts on “Real life Bast/bastet

  1. I remember the post about BAST statue…now how did it find its’ way to the ‘Hippy Caravan’???
    Pascal is definitely Burmese; they have those dish noses & BIG ears…..People always ask me if P SH’s nose was broken…..
    Tyerrone his brother is identical…maybe they & Pascal are direct descendants of BAST; nothing would surprise me anymore, lol…….
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


    1. I have no idea ,it was lost for years and it was driving me bonkers because I knew I would not have thrown it away/given it away !! Maybe they are descendants ! Wouldn’t surprise me either xxx


  2. Good grief I did not see your reply….thankfully you posted that cute Meme on FB which brought me here….
    I wonder how your statue got into the hippy van? Guess it will remain a mystery. And now you have it back…..
    How old is Pascal now? P SH is 2 1/2 yrs as of Dec. 9th.

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