My Pagan tattoos

This used to be a Nirvana smiley face but it was a terrible tattoo so I got it changed to a triple moon

My power animal the barn owl

This is my favourite one ,luckily we have a tattoo artist in the family

My next one will be an ivy leaf for female on one shoulder and an oak leaf for male on my other shoulder ,sort of at the front in line with my collar bones


5 thoughts on “My Pagan tattoos

  1. My very brave Sister! I doubt I shall ever get a tattoo. As a Jewish person I am not supposed to have tattoos.
    I have wanted one tho’ in memory of my Father…I know ZAP the best Tattoo artist in the Province…he is here in town….but I am afraid that the pain would do me in……(I’m just a big chicken!)


    1. Why dont you get a henna tattoo ,they are not permanent and as they are made from plants your religion may allow it ? It all depends where the tattoo is ,some places hurt my foot did,my arm didn’t ,any boney places hurt,I’ve had most of mine in the most painful places: fingers,back of neck and foot haha xx


      1. You are a genius Sis!!!!
        the Lady running workshops in my building has Henna tattoos & I was admiring them on Friday. She knows a Lady in town who does Henna…this would be a great alternative. I want mine on left lower arm like people had in the War…..

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