Health update :(

Ive been having headaches for 20 years which was assumed just to be part of one of my chronic illnesses.

But the past year they have been getting worse,it was then assumed they were migraine. In the past two weeks I have been having constant excruciating pain in my right eye,it feels like a Viking is doing eye surgery on me with a rusty sword,the back of my skull is burning and I can hear the fizzing in the back of my head,the speech problem is back.

Various migraine Meds have been tried on me to no avail so when I showed my doctor the various photos I’ve taken over the years she was worried,particularly the one where I have “bowie” eyes.

Me a few years back….

….then within minutes ,a sort of mini stroke,I have “ocular strokes” where the blood vessels in my eye shut down briefly and cause blackouts and falls

So I’m now waiting for an urgent neurological appointment as it could be one of these things

I have 1-6 on here

I do have problems with my neck

I get a zig zag strobing disco light in my eye sometimes and quite a lot lately I suddenly cannot see.

Was worried that this would effect my psychic abilities but it seems to have boosted them !?
I forgot to post this 

Last year I had a strange experience with an optician ..

Eevee Vachos



i was so carried away with tending to my new pet i forgot to blog this

last week i had an optician appointment cos i now have Sjorgrens disease which causes dry eyes

as soon as i went into the opticians room and sat down he said “please do not find this weird but you are a seeker arent you ?”
SEEKER basically means psychic

“yes” i replied

he spent ages talking to me,most people would be offended by the things he said but i was fascinated
he noticed my owl tattoos and asked what the symbolism was so i told him i am Pagan and they are my power animal,i then said i was Wiccan,he looked worried and said “witchcraft”
“only the good kind” i explained ” i also heal people with crystals”
he asked about my numerous illnesses and said ” i bet you get sicker after healing”
“i did” i replied “but i learnt to wear prehnite”
“its no good for you,it is spirit that is attaching to you and wearing your body out,did you get a walk in ?”
a walk in is basically a mild possesion
“yes a few times and for years i was actually acting like a man,with rages”
“you have an addictive personality i am guessing ?”
“yes,in the past i was borderline alcoholic,i am addicted to panadol,and cigarettes”
“no,YOU are not,THEY are,did you manage to quit any addictions ?”
“yeah i did actually,i was able to quit drink just like that but not the others”
“the drinking spirit got bored and left you or reincarnated”
“you barely blink,your eyes are like a computer,you never switch off”
“yes,many people have commented un that” i told him
“you get migraines or ocular strokes which are when your eyes quit working ?”
“yes,i black out”
“you have stabbing pains in the eye on the side spirit use you”
“yep,i have all my problems on that side”
“your third eye is always open,even when you think you have closed it” he said,he then commented on my eclipse eyes and the orange circle and how that meant i was a strong seeker and powerful !!

“you have hundreds of spirits trying to gain your attention,they are draining you,i bet you sleep a lot” OPTICIANS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MEDICAL RECORDS !
“yes,i have cfs and can sleep up to 20 hours a day,and at other times my brain will not let me sleep,during sleep study tests it showed my brain awake but my body asleep”
“and do you see faces rushing at you with your eyes shut”
“yeah and they are so fast i only recognise a couple”
” you yourself are a portal,it needs more control i can recommend this yoga which is more of a brain yoga” (he told me the name and told me how he first got into it and that it is Goddess centred much like Paganism/Wicca)
he proceeded to say he is not trying to push anything on me,its up to me but its just an idea,he was worried about me and said i was a genuine person who cared too much !!

he asked if i was offended,i told him not at all and i would love to talk all day,there was no religious cult type recruiting in what he was saying,i would of told him where to go if there was,you know i despise cult religion

he said the service i did for others was admirable but to put myself first or i may end up not reincarnating again,he was fascinated in my past lives i already know about

anyway when he handed me a board to read to test my reading vision it had these words on…CRONE the third phase of the triple Goddess ,RAVEN beardies power animal and WORSHIP, i laughed and told him i love coincedences and log the hundreds i have a month

” you have had a traumatic past that effected your brain but it was part of your path” very true,i have blogged that before and its a well known fact that most psychics have crap lives to make them empathic to help others..i am a serious empath !
“dont let it continue to ruin your body,think about that Yoga”

and that was most of the conversation,he prescribed two lots of eye drops that should help the dry eye and lack of blinking,the drops are fake tears,i have basically cried a lake over the years and now my tear ducts dont work ! he said it should help with the eye pain and my third eye

most people would report this man for saying such odd things but as with a lot of things that happen in my life it was clearly for a reason as i could not be bothered to go to the original appt and changed it,if i hadnt i would not of seen him

well knock me down with a feather when i saw his surname was GHANDI !!

also i could not help but notice he is gay,i love gay people,i really miss my “gay best friend” i know that sounds irrelevant but a lot of gay men are psychic and he must of had a rough past what with being Indian and gay

I see him again in three weeks,should be interesting


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Lois Kobb and Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge

Eevee Vachos

proof of his surname

Like1More · 22 April 2015

Eevee Vachos

the date, 13 is one of my lucky numbers and my original appt i cancelled was not for this date and not for this optician

Like1More · 22 April 2015

Lois Kobb

Wow, Eevee! That is pretty amazing. Do you think you could get some relief from some of your physical problems if you could deal with these spirit entities?

Unlike1Delete · 22 April 2015

Eevee Vachos

yes, i deal with them pretty well but did not realise i was that much of a magnet,obviously they are not the cause of my illnesses but they are attracted to them

Like1More · 22 April 2015

Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge

Holey Crap on a Cracker this was one amazing appointment!!!! Dr Ghandi I presume!! Oh Sister I am so happy you got to meet him & talk so openly. Not a coincidence! Blooming amazing!! I hope the eye drops help too!!!

Unlike1Delete · 22 April 2015

Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge

A minor coincidence here: I adopted Purrince Siddhartha Henry with the damaged eye right? I needed to get certain eye drops & ointment from the Chemist. Thre was a lady there & she was lovely but would not have prescribed for a feline. I take the script in & b4 me stands an East Indian man. I give him paperwork & show him pix of Siddhartha & when I tell him the cat’s name he serves me like I am a Queen. WE talk all the time like ‘old friends’. Alot of rednecks here & they look askance at how we chat! I take pix of Purrince Siddhartha in & people are totally confused as to why a ‘white’ woman has a ‘East Indian’ son (they do not realize he is a cat!!) Mr. Mani & I have a good laugh. Oh & Mani is a short version of his first name & I ALWAYS call him “MR.Mani” as is customary in India. That confuses people too!!!

Edited · Unlike2Delete · 22 April 2015

Eevee Vachos

it was weirder than the time i got to meet the God of audiology ,he is so good he lectures in America,i was told i had more chance of meeting the Queen,we got chatting about the paranormal,evps and my hearing being sensitive due to my psychic work !!

Like1More · 22 April 2015

Eevee Vachos

oh wow,i forgot about Siddharthas EYE ,and how cool and more than a coincidence that he got treatment from someone with his “heritage” !!@ Mr Mani sounds great,i always think fondly of my Indian dentist boss Mr Mughal,we always had such laughs smile emoticon

LikeMore · 22 April 2015

Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge

Funny how these people cross our paths…I beleive it is the Universe’s way of connecting us to who we need to talk to….

Unlike1Delete · 23 April 2015

Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge

I remember reading about Mr Mughal…you & I both share a resepct for East Indian culture…so convinced we are related…

Unlike1Delete · 23 April 2015

Eevee Vachos

yes and isnt it nice that Arwen and Isaac have some Pakistani heritage smile emoticon

LikeMore · 23 April 2015

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