The Dyer coincidence

Ive had a crush on Danny Dyer for years ,and wouldn’t you know it,a coincidence has appeared .

I was watching him on the genealogy programme “who do you think you are” and he was shocked to find he is related to Thomas Cromwell, and Edward 3rd.

Well,my hometown currently (I’m also from London like Dyer and my family were real “EastEnders”) is known as Cromwell county 

Although Thomas Cromwell was not directly related to Oliver there is a link

,my paranormal team were lucky enough to investigate a mansion linked to Oliver Cromwell and a pub where he used to address his troops from the top window,the pub has tunnels under it leading to the mansion,it was our first ever investigation of my group founded in 2000,we got some good evidence, such as really high emf readings in the window, where he used to stand, there were no electrical wires and it was at his exact height.

At the mansion we got so much evidence (we went there three times for overnights) including the face of Oliver Cromwell floating outside a THIRD FLOOR WINDOW !!! I would be here all day telling you about the other amazing evidence including me being pushed over at the top of a staircase, apparition’s of chefs seen and heard, the evp of a woman screaming ” murder ” and me photographing the bottom of her crinoline dress,(yes we found out a woman who was murdered was linked there) two creepy figures were seen in the grounds and when I viewed the video of me alone in the library they are staring at me through the window and wearing sort of plague masks,they were not real people messing about because im staring right at them yet dont see them til afterwards ,it was one of the creepiest locations we ever did !

Lady Cromwell was instrumental in getting the innocent witches from our village hung, I’ve mentioned before how we ended up living here without knowing why,then my son ended up living in two places with links to the witches.

The pub that my dad found out I was tracking him down when i was 27 and he didnt even know i existed was called “the Lord Protector” named after Oliver Cromwell who chose to be called the “lord protector” rather than King Cromwell because he was a puritan and very religious, all these strange links !!

Dyer had links to this town already if rumour be true,my husband worked with one of his cousins and my dads friend used to own a huge antiques place here that Dyer supposedly has shares in since my dads friend sold it,not sure how true that is but I have heard him mention his love of antiques.

I would love to meet him and show him the Cromwell sites and take him paranormal investigating,  he has already done a TV programme on UFOs

He has links to gentry in Suffolk,well that’s East Anglia area too and I passed through that very area only a couple of weeks back,he is related also to the Earl of Essex and he now lives in Essex,

I was actually born in Harlow Essex but was only there for a day as I was rushed to great ormond street children’s hospital in London.

I lived and worked in Essex ,Buckhurst Hill near Epping forest, Dyer lives quite near there.
See also my blog about the “hanging tree book” which was written about this area (you will find it in the index

Danny Dyer

Thomas Cromwell

I was very disappointed he didn’t come to Huntingdon for the programme but he chose to go down the Edward 3rd research route,

But if you are reading this Mr Dyer ,I am more than happy to meet you and show you the Cromwell sites and see how brave you are at paranormal investigating 😉 #iwish

Oh ,one other thing

I am related to Dick Turpins right hand man Thomas King, Epping forest was where they did most of their robberies ! And my hubby was a highwayman in a past life.

Some funny clips from “who do you think you are”

click here


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