Night visitors ?

Seems we may of had night visitors ! Have had not had them for a while ,I am being cryptic about it as I have to save something for my book ! But I have folders of photos of weird marks on us,usually after we have seen things in the sky,they are usually triangular dots,we […]

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Psychic duck !?

Its so cold and frosty we have had to keep willow in the house,she is quite happy in the hall In her cat bed near the radiator thank you very much,but something spooky is going on,some birds Imitate noises, the dogs used to live in that hall,she has started barking and staring where they used […]

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Weirdest dream about E.A.Poe

Yesterday I think it was, i had an afternoon sleep,that’s when I have my strangest dreams, I was in an old Victorian derelict mansion and found some old items (probably because I had been watching “salvage hunters” that morning) I found a glass case with a plaster bust of Edgar Allen Poe in it and […]

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The recurring bridge dream

Since I can remember I have been having a dream about a really scary bridge, i am always trying to drive a car over it and cannot work out how to drive (in real life I’m not allowed to drive due to my medical issues and although I’ve never passed a test I can do […]

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