The Aladdin Sane coincidence

The grandkids were at ours today and I noticed a weird mark appear on Isaacs face,it was caused by his runny eye (he has a cold) and pink chalk dust but it looks just like David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane flash !

We had something else Bowie related the other week,we were watching “queen” live and a really heavy framed photo I have of Bowie jumped off the furniture it has been sitting on for months,no one went anywhere near it,what was funny about that was at the exact same time on another channel the “Freddie Mercury tribute concert” was on,so I flipped channels just as Bowie appeared singing “under pressure” with Annie Lennox

Both just coincidences I am sure but quite amusing

How adorable are those two ❤


3 thoughts on “The Aladdin Sane coincidence

  1. In answer to you question Sis: TOTALLY CUTE!!!!!
    I adore your Grandbeans!
    And what a weird coincidence with the mark on Issac’s face & the picture jumping….someone is watching you…lol…..
    I had a visitation last week. The flat smelled of cigarette smoke; not the stinky cheap cigs but the good ones. Now I do not smoke nor does anyone who visits me….for the Life of me I could not figure out who was here! And then it hit me on Friday it was the previous tenant Alberta…she came to visit!! It has been a while since she ‘popped’ in, lol….. I did not know Alberta but I DO know her daughter Diane who is my Insurance Broker……I could have called anyone last Spring but I called my Previous Landlord’s company & was connected to Diane. We met in person & I commented how to Diane how much she looked like her Mother. She was pretty confused….I told her about Alberta actually manifesting in front of me….not sure what she thought about that. She DID say she does look so much like her Mother people always used to comment on the resemblance
    The Spirit world is awesome isn’t it????


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