Grand Kids are clever and poltergeist knocks

Our grandson has taken to wearing only one boot around the house,my hubby made a good point : our grandson is deaf in one ear so is he trying to balance himself out ?

I get vertigo due to my dodgy ear and can end up walking off to the right, if that is what grandson is doing he is really clever,he is not two yet and has been doing the boot thing for about three months !

I thought to myself “oh dear” the other day when they were at ours,grand daughter insisted on using my hand painted by me ouija board table to eat her dinner on, she doesn’t know what a Ouija board is and I won’t be telling her,she may have the “gift” but she will NOT be using one of those ,it just looked like her and her brother were about to hold a seance !! 😉

A few days ago she said “grammi,I see creepy people around town”

“What do they look like ?” I asked

“Just creepy” and she changed the subject !

I do not encourage her gift but I will of course be there to help her deal with it and I shall be listening out for more comments like that.

Yesterday she seemed to be a bit psychic, she took sudden interest in some ornamental robins I have for Xmas and walked around with one on her finger saying “its my pet”

She knows the Robin is her “magic bird” but she has never played pet birds before and does not know we have got her a digibird pet for Xmas, that was our idea,we didn’t get it because she asked for one,never heard her mention them or seen adverts about them on TV

I was really annoyed the other night,I had to go to bed early as I had a long day of babysitting, ii was in bed reading a poltergeist book and heard three knocks on the bedroom door,the cat looked up,I ignored it and heard it again,I got up,went to find my hubby and crossly asked why he would disturb me,well he was outside the whole time putting the duck to bed !

Three knocks can be a sign of poltergeist activity, its something to do with mocking of the holy Trinity ,hence why they often play up at 3am too, and I’ve noticed that when I am reading about them I will get activity,there is such thing as “poltergeist” contagion.

When I had my really terrifying poltergeist that put me on the road to working with the paranormal I could not for the life of me get my book written,every time I started writing in it activity would kick off, I don’t personally believe that poltergeists are demons,rather I believe they can be (a) mischief making spirits (b) telekinesis from someone in the home or a mixture of the two,I know that I can cause poltergeist like activity when I am angry but this particular night I was not angry and had no subconscious reason to cause the knocks as I needed to get to bed early,so on that occasion it was most likely a mischief making spirit #soannoying


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