Bowie dog ? And psychic hits at new paranormal case

What are the odds,today I went on a private house investigation and as soon as the client opened the door i saw a beautiful dog with David Bowie eyes staring at me !

Not a very good picture as its through glass but he has one brown and one blue eye,totally gorgeous ❤

There were lots of other coincidences too ,which i wont list as it may identify the client or area and I had picked up on a few psychic bits leading up to the visit, one being an orchard,

My notes from a few days before

well what did we see not that far away !! Not exactly a common sight,I haven’t seen an orchard since I was a child.



I did a bit of research today, and found that the area was famous for its orchards


(cant show screenshots of websites as it will give away the location) when psychic reading the house i picked up on a paralised lady who was injured by a horse who liked to visit horses in the field behind the clients house,i felt they were unusual horses,my research today showed that the percheron horse was bred there,

oh great,im scared of horses,especially those,and what should pop up in my facebook feed while researching ; percheron horse !!

I would rather see all manner of spirits rather than one of those horses *shudder*

One of the names I psychically got weeks before the case is on the war memorial,in fact three or four people with the same surname,i had suggested that the client could research the war memorial but she hadnt done it yet.

I had written a few variations of the name and mentioned war memorial

All I have blocked out is the location of the town due to confidentiality

I won’t be blogging about the case apart from cryptically like this (unless I get signed consent at a later date) as I am very confidential about private houses but it seems to be an interesting case and I look forward to doing night tests,the client found me by reading my blog on here about “gravity hills


10 thoughts on “Bowie dog ? And psychic hits at new paranormal case

  1. What a beautiful dog!!!
    And that Percheron is HUGE & handsome & I want to kiss his nose!!! I have no fear of horses; in fact, they are one of my Totem animals…..Percheron is my favorite Draft breed.
    And your investigation sounds VERY interesting… are so good at this!!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen


    1. I used to like horses until I was kicked by one as a vet nurse 😦 but I’ve always been wary of black ones,no idea why,I think the Suffolk shire horse is pretty, just don’t want to get close to one lol, I did wear a horse totem necklace for strength when my dad was dying,it helped a lot,that dog was adorable, they rescued him from a terrible life but he is very happy now xx


      1. I had a Clydesdale step on my foot at the Royal Winter Fair….it was my fault for getting too close! Thankfully I was more startled than scared…..altho I watch my feet around horses now!! LOL 🙂
        Horses bring amazing strength & I am glad you had the necklace.
        I wondered if he was a rescue dog….so many Huskies & Malamutes are!! People do not know how to live with them when they are young….they are ‘crazypants’ until they are 3 years old!!! (I know from experience…)


  2. Ad I emailed a friend in France who has Percherons…..she said that Moose was inbred & genetically altered. He looks mighty & strong but he could not run for long & had trouble actually pulling anything heavy. He is now deceased. He passed in the month of May….unsure of the year tho’. No wonder he creeped you out. he was actually a ‘freak’ of the Equine world!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Very sad Eevee! I thought he was too tall for a Percheron…..the farm he was bred on made such a big ‘who-haa’ over him but my French friend said the horse was just a show horse; not a proper work horse & he died prematurely due to his poor genetics!


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