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The weird blackstar monument coincidence

Posted in bowie, coincidences, my handmade crafts on January 31, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday my hubby came dashing into the office all excited and was blurting out “how did you not notice ,I’ve got the shivers”

I did not know what he was going on about

“That monument thing you made…. It has a BLACK STAR on it” 

“Huh ?”

“Look” he ushered me over to the landing window

“You made that a couple of years ago,it must of been around the time Bowie got diagnosed, yet no one knew, no one knew about his illness til the day he died last year, look at the ball, its like a labyrinth globe, the base looks like something out of labyrinth !!!”

Oooh I thought,I totally forgot I even made that monument, i picked it up at the landfill for £1 and just randomly put the black star on it !! Because I had some outdoor black paint to use up,looking at it again it actually reminded me of Mayan ruins and there is currently an exhibition of photos of Bowie’s trip to mexico

Here is the monument I made

You can see how long it has been sitting there due to the green moss

I am going to clean it up and add his name to it

Facebook friends will probably remember me posting it a couple of years back and know its not something I made recently but I shall trawl through my Facebook and get a screen shot of the exact date,it was definitely more than two years ago because I moved it to its location under the trees to make room for the ducks bath when we got her.



Now I think I should make one for Marc Bolan



today I updated it again as I was not happy with the brown tiles !


I added the date he passed to the globe but for some reason it wouldn’t stay on so I have now added it onto a tile along with a tear drop

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Message from local murder victim

Posted in empath, missing and crime readings, murdered spirits, rockstar contact ?, spirit contact, spirit voices on January 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

This was very disturbing, i got a phonecall from my son in a panic ,he heard that someone had been stabbed in the same area my brother lives in ,we have all become estranged from him (long story) but it doesn’t mean we don’t care about him and don’t worry about him still,my son tried to phone him and got no answer,so asked me to try,I tried and thankfully my brother answered and sounded fine ,the murder was in his street.

Obviously no names were released at the time

It happened on 8 Jan ,here’s a tweet from one of our local politicians

The next night I was babysitting at my sons,still no names had been released in the press,here is my dated psychic log

I was having a nap on my sons sofa once the grandkids were asleep and I was woken by a voice yelling REALLY loudly in my ear 

” I’m andrew,starkie/stark you must help me” but because his voice jolted me out of sleep and was so loud it was distorted ,the end of the sentence was not entirely clear, i told my son and daughter in law.It didn’t mean anything to them at the time.

Well the next day I was so shocked ,it turned out that a woman had been stabbed and was in hospital, it was my daughter in laws cousin !!! And it was her friend (not new boyfriend) who was sadly stabbed to death 😦 so very tragic.

And there we were panicking that it was my brother, my daughter in law had no idea about her cousin as they are not in touch,its such a tragic story.I have blocked my daughter in laws name out for privacy and not named her cousin.

The name of the victim was released in the press,it was ANDREW ,I feel so bad for his family, this is a text that I sent my son.

Then a few days later the man who murdered him had his name given in the press

They did know each other,Andrew could of been saying “sharpie” to me,as I said ,his voice was distorted ! It seems he was giving me his name and telling me who did it but didn’t have enough energy to say more than a few words.

As I said earlier ,he was her friend protecting her,not her boyfriend.

My condolences go out to all families involved and I wonder what on earth is going on in my family or people linked via “marriage” first my son gets stabbed, just before Xmas my cousin got stabbed ,now my daughter in laws cousin 😦

These are the kind of cases I want to help with,I have helped on a couple of unsolved cases before and I have lots of info for a missing case that is high profile at the moment ,I have kept all my info,things I stated right at the start have proven to be true,info via a spirit box was very very accurate but unfortunately the family are very against psychics *sigh* but if I am right I will write a blog showing how psychics should be involved in some cases ,I recently helped the police with a 25 year old cold case, i will blog about it but will have to be very cryptic ,I helped with a murder case in Canada and I knew all about the Suffolk prostitute murders ten days before it was public, i always log and date everything and send to a witness.

Its disturbing to deal with these cases but something makes me want to do it,it seems like it is a service I am meant to do.

I see the murders through the victims eyes and recently saw the death of a famous pop star through his eyes, it was terrifying and so sad,unfortunately I won’t be blogging that here  as it was reported to be an “accident” my feelings at the site,my psychic info and evps gathered at the site say other wise.

You may of seen by other blogs that for some reason rock and pop stars seem to like to give me info,maybe its because i grew up around musicians and my son is one ,and I used to  sing? Im still waiting for the right time to write my huge bowie/bolan blog,its going to be a big one !!

The death of another pop star recently is NOT as reported and I’ve seen their death through their eyes,and a spirit box session clearly verified my theories but I can’t blog that here as his case is still with the coroner.

 It is hard to live with this part of my “gift” it is distressing,draining and traumatic,and because I am an empath I end up severely shaken up and usually crying my head off 😦

But I KNOW I have to do it, my grandad was a policeman, i wanted to be in the police but didn’t get in due to my health,I was then going to study to be a criminologist but my illnesses got in the way,so I guess this is the next best thing.

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The weird hairdye pattern (Bowie related ?)

Posted in bowie, Pareidolia, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on January 28, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Last week I gave in and dyed my hair black again, while I was waiting for it to set I was thinking about which David Bowie tattoo to get, i struggle when dyeing my hair due to my illnesses but I somehow managed to do it alone,however I didn’t notice the mess I had made.

Hubby said “nice tattoo” when I looked in the mirror I saw that some dye had dripped on my back and made a bizarre shape.

Obviously its just pareidolia and I am just seeing what I want to see but I swear I was thinking of getting a tattoo of him in that exact place,one of him standing there singing, that pattern looks like someone holding a microphone !

I have seen a photo of him like that but cannot think for the life of me where !  Which is really annoying

I googled for “bowie silhouettes”

That bottom right one is close but not quite it

It kind of also reminds me of the “lodger” album cover

Pareidolia is common,where we see faces and figures out of random patterns ,its just odd that I was thinking of a tattoo at that same time and that is the only place I spilt the hair dye, i normally get it EVERYWHERE !!

Still not found the exact photo I want but look at the hat !!

Look at the legs

Imagine this one with the hat on (that hair dye pattern even looks like it has a hat like that !) and a microphone ,arrrgghh I WILL find that photo

Oh ,here is Bowie with black hair for the film “the hunger”

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A day for doubles !!

Posted in dopplegangers/doubles, indigo kids, lookalikes on January 26, 2017 by Psychic eevee

The other day I saw doubles of our grandchildren on Facebook 🙂

This one actually caused me to look twice !

Wow she looks like our grand daughter ,her mummy said she looks like a vintage photo anyway,I agree with that ,I can’t find a photo right now that matches properly but if you have seen enough photos of our grand daughter you will recognize the likeness immediately.

This one:well I always call our grandson our “grand pixie” ,look at this model pixie I found !!

Grand daughters plasma ball art and link with our cat

Posted in animals, indigo kids, Tesla on January 24, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Our grand daughter did some art that looks just like a plasma ball,as you saw from a previous blog,we have already been teaching her about Tesla,her art is coming on really well

She did it all her self apart from I put the glue on for the glitter

Since she was a baby she has had a lovely friendship with our cat chili,she immediately went straight to him out of our three cats which doesn’t surprise me because he is originally her daddy’s cat but he lives with us because we didn’t want to remove him from his cat friends when our son moved out

He loves both grand kids ,he’s always been gentle with children