Grand daughters plasma ball art and link with our cat

Our grand daughter did some art that looks just like a plasma ball,as you saw from a previous blog,we have already been teaching her about Tesla,her art is coming on really well

She did it all her self apart from I put the glue on for the glitter

Since she was a baby she has had a lovely friendship with our cat chili,she immediately went straight to him out of our three cats which doesn’t surprise me because he is originally her daddy’s cat but he lives with us because we didn’t want to remove him from his cat friends when our son moved out

He loves both grand kids ,he’s always been gentle with children


4 Responses to “Grand daughters plasma ball art and link with our cat”

  1. smseattle Says:

    Eevee, I love the photos of Chili with your grandchildren. What a sweet kitty! Also, your granddaughter’s art is so energetic, as well as being beautiful. Good grandma for helping with the glitter.

  2. Love the photos of your Grandbean & Chili! So special.
    An her drawings are incredible.
    (((Hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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