The weird hairdye pattern (Bowie related ?)

Last week I gave in and dyed my hair black again, while I was waiting for it to set I was thinking about which David Bowie tattoo to get, i struggle when dyeing my hair due to my illnesses but I somehow managed to do it alone,however I didn’t notice the mess I had made.

Hubby said “nice tattoo” when I looked in the mirror I saw that some dye had dripped on my back and made a bizarre shape.

Obviously its just pareidolia and I am just seeing what I want to see but I swear I was thinking of getting a tattoo of him in that exact place,one of him standing there singing, that pattern looks like someone holding a microphone !

I have seen a photo of him like that but cannot think for the life of me where !  Which is really annoying

I googled for “bowie silhouettes”

That bottom right one is close but not quite it

It kind of also reminds me of the “lodger” album cover

Pareidolia is common,where we see faces and figures out of random patterns ,its just odd that I was thinking of a tattoo at that same time and that is the only place I spilt the hair dye, i normally get it EVERYWHERE !!

Still not found the exact photo I want but look at the hat !!

Look at the legs

Imagine this one with the hat on (that hair dye pattern even looks like it has a hat like that !) and a microphone ,arrrgghh I WILL find that photo

Oh ,here is Bowie with black hair for the film “the hunger”

Please do not share or re blog thanks


2 thoughts on “The weird hairdye pattern (Bowie related ?)

    1. Been searching for that photo for days,it is driving me bananas,I know I had it on my wall as a teen,I’m so annoyed I threw all my posters out 😦 I know there is a photo of my bedroom amongst my 30 years worth of photography but that would be like looking for a needle in a haystack !! Xxx


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