Another psychic kid ?

‚ÄčThat awkward moment when your two year old grandson keeps pointing to the corner and saying “woman dead” !! Oh joy ,that’s how his daddy started off at exactly the same age and we ended up with the Enfield poltergeist mark2 ,at least I know how to deal with it this time,I didn’t think Isaac […]

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Update to captured spy

I picked up a game in a charity shop and the first card I picked out was this !! What a strange coincidence click here for original post It is a right brain /left brain game Ive had in depth tests over the years and came out as having a 50/50 brain which is unusual, […]

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Haunted chair ?

My aunt has been having paranormal activity. She collects items from charity shops and skips like I do,before I even went in her house I said to her that I bet it was something she had acquired that was causing the problems. She has been seeing a shadow figure, feeling something sitting on her bed […]

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Crime oracle cards

I have spent three weeks inventing an oracle card pack to do with unsolved crimes as they are my favourite kinds of psychic readings to do,although I am very accurate with my usual method I wondered if cards could give me back up answers,  I filmed my test run with these but cannot post it […]

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Peruvian dream doll

Yesterday the grandkids were here,my grand daughter insisted on following me up to my bedroom while I had a rest,her brother stayed downstairs with their geedee,she found my Peruvian dream doll and was very interested So I said she could have my smaller one With my dream doll With the small one I gave to […]

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