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Another psychic kid ?

Posted in bowie, indigo kids on February 26, 2017 by Psychic eevee

​That awkward moment when your two year old grandson keeps pointing to the corner and saying “woman dead” !! Oh joy ,that’s how his daddy started off at exactly the same age and we ended up with the Enfield poltergeist mark2 ,at least I know how to deal with it this time,I didn’t think Isaac had the gift at all ,but I noticed he has the gold ring in his eyes like I have…how does a just turned two year old even know what “dead” means !? Arwen doesn’t,she thinks that people who pass on go to the stars, seems like isaac is seeing the old lady called may who haunts my house #indigokids #psychicfamilies might be misreading it and will keep an eye on it but he was definitely saying that.

I meant to say a few weeks back,we were at their house and Isaac was throwing things at his geedee,I said “no” in a firm manner and as loud as anything I heard my dad’s voice in the doorway saying “be nice” !! Hubby heard it too,as did Isaac who looked over to the doorway.

It was Isaacs second birthday last week πŸ™‚ how fast they grow,seems only a few months ago that he was born.

My grand daughter worried me the other day,we were looking out of the window and she randomly said “I hope you don’t go to hospital, cos then you get grey hair and go to the stars” hope she is not having a premonition about me, and last night we were taking them home and she said to geedee “please don’t crash your car,I dont want you to crash your car again” ???

He has had one crash and that was about 24 years ago, before I met him,he put his head through the side window,maybe she senses that he still has a bit of glass in his forehead from that accident,we haven’t told her !

Arwen continues to talk about her great gran who passed away before arwen was even two,she told me that she liked soup, how would she even know that !? Seems such a random thing to say,her mummy doesn’t understand how she knows that,she can’t possibly have many memories of her,apart from seeing photos…its kind of freaky,like how she kept telling me she saw my dad round town….after he died.Yes,all kids are psychic but most grow out of it due to the way their families deal with it,or the fact that watching too much tv redirects their brains away from their abilities,these two will no doubt continue to develop their gifts,if they want to,or i can teach them to block them out.

Yesterday we had some girlie time and did some crafts together

The bottom one is for me,note how she put a black star for David bowie on it for me !!

Isaac has had his first big boy haircut

The other week I had an accident in “aldis” so they let me choose a bouquet of flowers by way of apology until it goes through head office,so I gave them to Arwen as she loves getting flowers πŸ™‚

Oh,remember the BlackBerry picker painting I have blogged about before that I have had for years and years,way before I even had grandkids ….well Isaac saw it and was insisting it is his sister,he kept saying “arwen,arwen”


Update to captured spy

Posted in brain, coincidences on February 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I picked up a game in a charity shop and the first card I picked out was this !!

What a strange coincidence

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It is a right brain /left brain game

Ive had in depth tests over the years and came out as having a 50/50 brain which is unusual, most people are either mainly one or the other,for example my husband is left brained.

I use a mix of both because I use right for my psychic and art and left for my research and the analytical part of paranormal investigation, however I am useless with numbers and in fact have dyscalclia (the number version of dyslexia)

Haunted chair ?

Posted in haunted furniture, Haunted items, paranormal on February 22, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My aunt has been having paranormal activity.

She collects items from charity shops and skips like I do,before I even went in her house I said to her that I bet it was something she had acquired that was causing the problems.

She has been seeing a shadow figure, feeling something sitting on her bed and been having trouble breathing.

I took a tour round her house to see what I could sense and I felt strange around this chair and felt like I could not breathe near it

My aunt moves her furniture around a lot and we worked out that wherever she has moved this chair the shadow figure has been seen.

I picked up some psychic info from it and we both feel like it is warning her to get her health looked at, we do not feel that it is a family member in spirit.

It is an antique “nursing” chair ,when I tipped it up I noticed a sticker on it that showed it was reupholstered in approx the 1960s ,and it looks like the legs have been stained the wrong colour. I noticed it also has the original straw filling that could also be causing the breathing problems.

My aunt wants to keep the chair so I am going to do tests with it then “cleanse” it,hopefully the activity will stop.

Haunted items are not unusual and both my aunt and myself really should cleanse all the things we find !!


unfortunately I was not able to go and see my aunt for weeks due to all the illness in my house but she had not contacted me to say that activity was getting any worse which was a good sign,I finally got to see her a couple of days ago and she says all activity has ceased ,interestingly enough since the old lady who lives opposite (and who used to be her next door neighbour) sadly passed away,so its highly possible that the shadow spirit was trying to let my aunt know that something was wrong with her neighbour OR it was a spirit that had come to prepare the old lady for her death but had some how found itself in the wrong house ?

I do still think that something is linked to the chair but not the negative /gloomy energy that had been making it’s presence known….will wait to see if anything else happens.

Also my aunts breathing problems that I do still feel are contributed to by the chairs stuffing have eased because she now has a nebulizer machine,the breathing problems would effect me too as I also have asthma and have had pneumonia quite a few times, so I am now sure the stuffing is the cause of that issue, not anything paranormal.

Crime oracle cards

Posted in missing and crime readings, my handmade crafts on February 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have spent three weeks inventing an oracle card pack to do with unsolved crimes as they are my favourite kinds of psychic readings to do,although I am very accurate with my usual method I wondered if cards could give me back up answers, 

I filmed my test run with these but cannot post it here as it is to do with a current missing person case ,it is however on my private Facebook.

It proved to be spookily accurate with answers matching theories already known about the case,and new answers, the video is dated and I shall keep hold of it.

This is not the kind of tool that just anyone can use as dealing with unsolved crime and murder cases is not for the faint hearted or most psychics,I did consider a view to getting better ones of these made and publishing them but I don’t want to be held responsible for any psychological trauma they may cause or any legal issues !! So for now they are just an extra method for me to use.

The whole pack is huge and has about 400 cards ,it has a “ouija board” section and 20 packs of category cards

Some from “type /modus ” pack

Some from “DNA finds” pack

Some from “method used” pack

Some from”what happened ” pack

Some from “where found” pack

Obviously the drawings are basic as they are just for my use ! The cards go into everything I could think of,right down to eye colour,witnesses, justice,searches

the packs with pendulum

Pendulum to ask more in depth question,magnifying glass symbolises crime obviously and clear quartz for clarity.
I have seen many hundreds of oracle packs and never seen one like this before

(C)eevee v

Peruvian dream doll

Posted in crystals, dolls, dreams and premonitions, indigo kids on February 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday the grandkids were here,my grand daughter insisted on following me up to my bedroom while I had a rest,her brother stayed downstairs with their geedee,she found my Peruvian dream doll and was very interested

So I said she could have my smaller one

With my dream doll

With the small one I gave to her

I gave her a pouch I had made and a labradorite crystal and showed her how you can see the “northern lights” in the crystal, i put lavender oil on the bag for peaceful sleep and told her to tell the doll her worries and wishes,and that it would take away bad dreams,she decided to call it tiger lily.she has been talking a lot about her great Gran lately who died when she was barely a toddler,I know why ,but cannot say at the moment πŸ™‚ so maybe she will see the doll as a personification of her gg and feel like she is watching over her.

My husband took them home that evening without me and later I phoned my grand daughter to thank her for the beautiful mug that had been sent home for me,a belated birthday present,with our special saying on it

“Don’t forget to tell your dream doll your wishes” I reminded her

“Do I have to take her out of the bag ?”

“No you don’t have to” I said

“But she doesn’t have ears” she replied, not much gets past her

“That’s OK,she can still hear you”

“Alright then, love you” she said and I could almost hear here brain whirring,like she was thinking of the possibility of telepathy !!