Another Bolan link : the festival

No way, I just don’t believe this one !!

I’m still putting together loads of research for my big Bowie blog and also now a big Bolan one but I just discovered this link tonight and was so excited !

I used to live in a tiny village in Essex called Weeley, I only lived there for a couple of years when my son was a baby,it was near where my grandparents lived in Clacton on sea.

The village even then in 1991-2 was so small ,it had about one bus a day,one pub,one shop and a post office, so imagine my surprise to find that in 71 (the year before I was born) there had been a huge festival there of all places and Marc Bolan/T Rex had played it.

Wonder if that’s why he wrote the lyrics “shes fasters than most and she lives by the coast”?

This link with rockstars just continues on and on,I have so much more to write.

I have seen this bus photo loads of times before and did not notice ” weeley” on it !!

We went to Clacton on holiday with my grandparents every year when I was a child,so when they retired they bought a house there,when I was pregnant with my son I lived with them for a while due to being a very young single mother with no other family support,I ended up in a mother and baby home in Colchester Essex ,that’s how come my son has Colchester on his birth certificate, we were then given the flat in Weeley,but due to being so young and being stuck in a village I developed depression and moved back to London where a couple of years later I met my husband ,then a few years after that was working in a dentists in stoke newington/Stamford hill where Marc Bolan had an Appt the day he died!! ,obviously I didn’t work there in 1977,but I mean the same dentist surgery was still there in the hubby was from the same area as Bolan.

Oh and hubby had a mini when I met him (Bolan died in one) not exactly a trendy car for young men in the early 90s

Also Mott the Hoople played that festival,it was only yesterday I was talking to my American friend about “all the young dudes” which Bowie wrote for them.


when my son was between the ages of 2-9 we lived just off silver street in Edmonton London !

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9 thoughts on “Another Bolan link : the festival

  1. Here are 2 little coincidences for you Sis:
    When I lived in Niagara falls, Ontario I lived in the part called Stamford Center! Hehehehe….
    AND I ACTUALLY MET MOTT THEE HOOPLE band in Hamilton 1974 & I actually got to *kiss* Ian Hunter! 🙂
    And I remember reading about the Weeley Festival; wishing I was there!!!!
    Freaky huh??
    Love you madly, Sherri-Ellen ❤


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