Peruvian dream doll

Yesterday the grandkids were here,my grand daughter insisted on following me up to my bedroom while I had a rest,her brother stayed downstairs with their geedee,she found my Peruvian dream doll and was very interested

So I said she could have my smaller one

With my dream doll

With the small one I gave to her

I gave her a pouch I had made and a labradorite crystal and showed her how you can see the “northern lights” in the crystal, i put lavender oil on the bag for peaceful sleep and told her to tell the doll her worries and wishes,and that it would take away bad dreams,she decided to call it tiger lily.she has been talking a lot about her great Gran lately who died when she was barely a toddler,I know why ,but cannot say at the moment 🙂 so maybe she will see the doll as a personification of her gg and feel like she is watching over her.

My husband took them home that evening without me and later I phoned my grand daughter to thank her for the beautiful mug that had been sent home for me,a belated birthday present,with our special saying on it

“Don’t forget to tell your dream doll your wishes” I reminded her

“Do I have to take her out of the bag ?”

“No you don’t have to” I said

“But she doesn’t have ears” she replied, not much gets past her

“That’s OK,she can still hear you”

“Alright then, love you” she said and I could almost hear here brain whirring,like she was thinking of the possibility of telepathy !!


3 thoughts on “Peruvian dream doll

  1. Love Arwen Rose! Nothing does get by her does it??? I hope the doll gives her comfort & peace of mind.
    I used to have a copper tooling picture of a little angel I named Sarah Angel after Sarah my maternal GreatGrandmother… used to be a comfort to me….
    Sending you love to the Moon & back!
    Sherri-Ellen ❤ & Siddhartha Henry ❤


    1. Awww love the idea of your Sarah angel,love you to the plaedes (spelling) and back ,ten times,sorry if this is a repeat comment,I’ve been trying to reply via my WordPress dashboard and noticed they are not appearing ! Even though it says they are posted gggrrr I don’t know if there is a delay or something, lalso having trouble commenting on your blog,will try again xx


      1. I think my Mother had named the picture. So I always called the angel ‘Sarah Angel’ after my Great Gran….she was a strong & intelligent woman. I wished I’d have known her.
        An no problem about the comments. I am so muddled with being sick I haven’t noticed much.
        Love you eternally ❤ ❤


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