Crime oracle cards

I have spent three weeks inventing an oracle card pack to do with unsolved crimes as they are my favourite kinds of psychic readings to do,although I am very accurate with my usual method I wondered if cards could give me back up answers, 

I filmed my test run with these but cannot post it here as it is to do with a current missing person case ,it is however on my private Facebook.

It proved to be spookily accurate with answers matching theories already known about the case,and new answers, the video is dated and I shall keep hold of it.

This is not the kind of tool that just anyone can use as dealing with unsolved crime and murder cases is not for the faint hearted or most psychics,I did consider a view to getting better ones of these made and publishing them but I don’t want to be held responsible for any psychological trauma they may cause or any legal issues !! So for now they are just an extra method for me to use.

The whole pack is huge and has about 400 cards ,it has a “ouija board” section and 20 packs of category cards

Some from “type /modus ” pack

Some from “DNA finds” pack

Some from “method used” pack

Some from”what happened ” pack

Some from “where found” pack

Obviously the drawings are basic as they are just for my use ! The cards go into everything I could think of,right down to eye colour,witnesses, justice,searches

the packs with pendulum

Pendulum to ask more in depth question,magnifying glass symbolises crime obviously and clear quartz for clarity.
I have seen many hundreds of oracle packs and never seen one like this before

(C)eevee v


4 thoughts on “Crime oracle cards

  1. What an amazing & detailed deck you have created Eevee! You are co Cleeveer! 😉
    I wish good luck with the deck & hope you can assist in investigations. You are amazing! And awesome! And I love you to the Moon & back!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen


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