Another psychic kid ?

​That awkward moment when your two year old grandson keeps pointing to the corner and saying “woman dead” !! Oh joy ,that’s how his daddy started off at exactly the same age and we ended up with the Enfield poltergeist mark2 ,at least I know how to deal with it this time,I didn’t think Isaac had the gift at all ,but I noticed he has the gold ring in his eyes like I have…how does a just turned two year old even know what “dead” means !? Arwen doesn’t,she thinks that people who pass on go to the stars, seems like isaac is seeing the old lady called may who haunts my house #indigokids #psychicfamilies might be misreading it and will keep an eye on it but he was definitely saying that.

I meant to say a few weeks back,we were at their house and Isaac was throwing things at his geedee,I said “no” in a firm manner and as loud as anything I heard my dad’s voice in the doorway saying “be nice” !! Hubby heard it too,as did Isaac who looked over to the doorway.

It was Isaacs second birthday last week 🙂 how fast they grow,seems only a few months ago that he was born.

My grand daughter worried me the other day,we were looking out of the window and she randomly said “I hope you don’t go to hospital, cos then you get grey hair and go to the stars” hope she is not having a premonition about me, and last night we were taking them home and she said to geedee “please don’t crash your car,I dont want you to crash your car again” ???

He has had one crash and that was about 24 years ago, before I met him,he put his head through the side window,maybe she senses that he still has a bit of glass in his forehead from that accident,we haven’t told her !

Arwen continues to talk about her great gran who passed away before arwen was even two,she told me that she liked soup, how would she even know that !? Seems such a random thing to say,her mummy doesn’t understand how she knows that,she can’t possibly have many memories of her,apart from seeing photos…its kind of freaky,like how she kept telling me she saw my dad round town….after he died.Yes,all kids are psychic but most grow out of it due to the way their families deal with it,or the fact that watching too much tv redirects their brains away from their abilities,these two will no doubt continue to develop their gifts,if they want to,or i can teach them to block them out.

Yesterday we had some girlie time and did some crafts together

The bottom one is for me,note how she put a black star for David bowie on it for me !!

Isaac has had his first big boy haircut

The other week I had an accident in “aldis” so they let me choose a bouquet of flowers by way of apology until it goes through head office,so I gave them to Arwen as she loves getting flowers 🙂

Oh,remember the BlackBerry picker painting I have blogged about before that I have had for years and years,way before I even had grandkids ….well Isaac saw it and was insisting it is his sister,he kept saying “arwen,arwen”


4 thoughts on “Another psychic kid ?

  1. So fascinating! Do they ever talk about past lives? I once worked with a guy who said that, when he was around 2 years old, he would talk frequently about being a pilot in World War 2. He even described the plane and some battles he’d been in. Nobody in his family ever talked about WW2, and it wasn’t something he saw on TV. About a year later, he seemed to forget all about it. How in the world would a toddler know anything about WW2 pilots?


    1. Not yet they haven’t ,but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did when they are older, my past life memories did not come through til my 20s ,that’s amazing about your ex co worker,have you seen the TV programme “ghost inside my child” it is full of stories like that,it is fascinating !


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