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Tyche dice 

Posted in cleromancy dice divination, dice, dice reading on March 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

​As I have discovered that dice reading is one of my top psychic methods (I have done some REALLY accurate dice readings lately but have to keep them on my Facebook page for now due to them being about current missing people/possible murders,and I’ve only been doing these readings for a week !!) hubby gave me the money for this 🙂 when I got it I was amazed to find it is very closely related to the method I am already using !! Tyche was the Greek Goddess of fortune telling (and I did not know that until this kit arrived),thank you my Greek bearded one ❤ looking forward to learning how to use this
What I love about this set is that it is very Pagan/Wiccan too,it also incorporates male (sun) female (moon) the elements, runes and astrology/constellations, this is a first edition set because it is a recent “invention”


Grand daughter zener card test number 1

Posted in experiments, indigo kids, phases and development, psychic exercises, telepathy, zener cards and psychic tests on March 27, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Today I tested my grand daughter with zener cards ,which are a method of testing psychic ability, they are a pack of 25 cards ,they have the following symbols : star,wavy lines,square,cross and circle.(you may have seen them in the film “ghost busters”)

They have been used for a long time under controlled tests by parapsychologists and I often test my paranormal clients who I believe may be having activity due to latent psychic abilities.

My granddaughter blew us away last year with the coloured balls hidden behind someone’s back test,she got about 85% success rate (video only available to Facebook friends)

Since she was about 20 months old she has always without fail picked the robin (her power animal) and barn owl (my power animal) out of my animal oracle cards without looking.(videos also only available to Facebook friends) ….interesting to note she was wearing leggings with her power animal on today,I wonder if that helped ? You never know.

What fascinated me about today’s tests was more what she was saying than the actual success of her card reading (she got 6 correct, which is higher than chance for a four year old)

I had to draw all the symbols onto a note pad just to remind her of the symbols being used as she had not used the cards before but there was no cheating whatsoever.

She got a couple right ….

I then decided to tell her how to use the TV screen third eye visualization technique,I thought she wouldn’t understand that but she shocked me by saying she already sees like that ! It worked and she got two right straight away.

I then decided to project the images to her by me looking at the cards and sending the images telepathically, this worked well too,when her daddy was young we were actually able to do this through walls to each other,with one person acting as the sender and the other the receiver is normally how this test works.

She asked if she could say “dreams” to help, which I found interesting ! And she proceeded to tell me that she dreams of scarecrows in pools,well I’ve always dreamt of statues in pools since I was little (you can find that on blogs going way way back on here) I’ve never told her about that.

But the most interesting part to me was when she read that one of the cards was wavy lines but she saw them as white not black how they are on the card ,that is exactly how my psychic visions come through…like looking at a negative rather than a photograph,I always assumed it was because I am a photographer !

We tried one card while she held a spirit quartz, it didn’t help on this occasion, its probably clear quartz she needs to hold, but being a girlie girl she wanted to hold a sparkly pretty one.

Very impressive first try,if she had been concentrating properly she would of done even better,but she found it all strange and exciting, going to try again in a few weeks

You can view the video on Facebook if you are friends with me on there, it makes for interesting viewing

There is nothing dangerous about these tests, they are similar to memory games or psychological cognitive tests and are a good way to exercise the brain.NO they don’t attract paranormal activity in the slightest,if they did I would not put them near children !

In an adult getting a score of about 12/25 is seen as more than chance, she tested me,I havent been tested in years ,I got 17/25 I am a bit rusty !

test with druid oracle cards

Automatic writing

Posted in automatic writing, spirit contact on March 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Automatic writing is a method used by mediums, it is where a spirit takes over the hand and does the writing.

It is normally very very rapid and the medium does not know what is being written until they read it afterwards,

What is odd about my automatic writing is that it always seems to be in my grans handwriting, she died in 2004.

When she was alive she used to write me a letter every week

As you can see,this is an example of my normal writing

Samples of my automatic writing

My grand writing which you can really see matches the top sample of my automatic it seems that even though she is on the other side now she still loves to write !!

Even when I write my dreams down in my sleep,which I have been able to do for years (and stay on the lines on the paper perfectly !!) It is always her writing .

Thoughtography experiment

Posted in paranormal experiments, thoughtography on March 24, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Being a photography student at the time and also running my big paranormal team I became fascinated in the phenomena called “thoughtography” made famous by Ted Serios

Some claim his work was faked but if you research it you will find other examples by other people.

I decided to give it a go as I have been quite successful with telepathy with my son.

So while taking a photo of my husband I kind of concentrated on my favourite rock star at the time,Dave Grohl of foo fighters.

Well, there he was,his face faintly in front of my husband !! I outlined where my husbands face ,shoulders and arms should be to show that the extra face is in the wrong place !

And I have inserted the closest photo of Dave I can find.

This is not a double exposure or anything, i do not play tricks on people, and finding all these old paranormal experiments has given me the idea to try these things again
Please excuse all the posts I will be doing,I thought it was about time I added some of my older work

The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

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Many many years back I had got a new phone and was testing it out and had one of my episodes of weirdness where I was doing stuff in my sleep.

I had taken a photo while asleep of myself and when I saw it I was terrified, i recognised it immediately as one of Jack the rippers victims

I had been watching a documentary the night before, 

It took me years before I was able to look at this photo again


Ripper victim Mary Ann

For ages I was petrified that it was a premonition that I was about to die.

Later I came to realise that it was something called “transfiguration” where a spirit manages to form its facial features over a living person,and I have been able to do it a handful of times since.

Maybe she spoke to me in my sleep,I don’t know because unfortunately I didnt remember my dreams that night.

It is interesting however that a few years later I got contact with another murder victim named Mary Ann who trusted me so much she showed herself as a full apparition on 35mm film (see blog titled “Mary Ann the spirit who trusted”)

Transfiguration is pretty scary and something that ” physical mediums ” use,I once appeared to my whole team looking like a stern faced teacher (same surname as the ripper victim !!) While doing a mirror scrying experiment.

I once transfigured as my Gran

Which relatives present all noticed

I even captured my husband transfigured on a photo at a derelict airbase once, we could not work out why he looked Japanese ,but in depth research later showed us that important Japanese dignitaries had once visited there.