Glorious barn owl sighting

​I have a nerdy note book where I jot down the very rare time I see a wild barn owl,normally when I see one at night I could kick myself as I don’t have my proper camera with me,tonight we stopped the car cos my phone rang,a gorgeous female barn owl flew so low,just inches away from the car,she was close enough for me to see her chest speckles and know she was female !!…she was sideways on,she looked just like my “night ghost hunter” painting,I had my proper camera with me,did I take a picture ? No,because I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and Misty eyed at the sight of my glorious power animal #doh its one thing holding one at the raptor place with Beardie, but seeing one wild at night, out hunting, where it should be ,is just totally magical

She was this close (picture from Google)
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One thought on “Glorious barn owl sighting

  1. Eevee, I love this post! I know that feeling of just being awestruck with one’s jaw hanging open. I’m so glad you had this encounter with your power animal!

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