One of my theories that was stolen ,plague Doctor

I won’t name them here as I am not one to “grass” but many years back my team would rely on a database of local paranormal stories to help with our research,

I had read of a PENGUIN haunting a medieval street in a town not too far away,after laughing for a few minutes and trying to picture that and finding no link at all as to why an exotic animal would even be in that area it hit me….its not a penguin,its a plague doctor ! They wore beak like masks stuffed with herbs to take away the stench of death and wore cloaks,which could look like wings at night.And deciding that its not a case I would actually take on because I find plague doctors terrifying thank you !

I immediately contacted the database and told them my theory,they thanked me and updated it,they wrote “a paranormal investigator States” didn’t name me or my team,kind of irritating ,as this sighting has apparently been seen for hundreds of years and I solved it within minutes,so yes I do feel I deserved to be named ,out of courtesy really.

To make matters worse,I then read my theory in a local history book by a well known local paranormal writer ,he did not name me either,I have proof of email correspondence between myself and both these people so its just not cricket !

It’s not the first of my theories or experiments that he been stolen either, but I will be very disappointed if I ever find the two I shared with parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O Keefe get claimed by others because they truly were original,again I have kept proof that I “invented” them ,it shouldn’t have to be that way *sigh*

A PENGUIN !!! picture in public domain and credited to artist, but if artist would like removed please contact me and I will do so

(Image public share on Facebook)

You can see how it could be mistaken as a penguin,although how many 5-6 foot penguins are there ?

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One thought on “One of my theories that was stolen ,plague Doctor

  1. Eevee, you made an excellent connection, from penguin to plague doctor. Shame on the person or people who used your idea without crediting you!


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