To dream of whales

My husband has been dreaming of flying whales a lot lately which he finds a bit freaky,but on looking it up it all makes sense !

It was a bit freaky to see two pictures of flying whales on Facebook the same day though

Not a very nice subject but this is how his dreams look

I have lucid dreams and have been having them for years,I only get them in the afternoons,he hates to have afternoon sleeps but since we’ve both been unwell with scarlet fever he has had no choice and his dreams have been lucid.

He never used to be psychic at all,although he investigates with me and is a believer he had not witnessed much for himself,since the whale dreams all that has changed !

Here it mentions spirituality and intuition, his is most certainly more open, we are having a lot more telepathic moments.

Cosmic consciousness, he is suddenly really into this and is known to try a spot of “cosmic ordering”this mentions knowing that what is seen is not always the truth, TRUTH jumps out, well we are both ” truthers” community: we are members of a “community action group” that stands for peoples RIGHTS,the only thing that doesn’t fit him is the business thing as he cannot work due to being my full time carer and the creativity,he doesn’t have the patience for that, i am the creative one.

Its interesting how the whales fly in his dreams,is this because his intuition is suddenly “taking off” ,feels out of reach to him and he doesn’t feel grounded ? Time to show him how to ground himself methinks.

Seems like he now has the whale as a spirit animal alongside the crow,I think its fascinating also because his mum who passed away about 8 years ago collected ornamental dolphins and whales.


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