Another indigo kid due :)

​FINALLY I CAN ANNOUNCE we have a third grand beanie on the way 🙂 Amber had her 12 week scan today, I’ve been sitting on this news for months,I was told on my birthday (Jan 18) which was the best birthday present ever 🙂 but its been the longest time waiting to tell everyone !

As usual I knew psychically, in fact way before Amber and Nate did ,which was really weird !!

And also Arwen had worked it out months ago although everyone has had to deny it to her for now, She keeps dropping hints that she would like a sister or a dog ;)*

We are gonna need a mini bus soon and a bigger house lol

Sooooo excited ❤ this really makes up for me not being able to have lots of children like I wanted,I guess my job on earth was to be a grammi, that’s fine ❤ 
*update Arwen knows officially now ,she is very excited but wants a girl ,uh oh ,brothers are “frusterarating and annnnnnnoooooooyyyyyiiinnnggg”

And she is always telling me to sing “space oddity” to Isaac the minute he goes near her because she knows it makes him go to sleep, two lines in and she’s like : “Isaac, are you asleep yet, hurry up” bahahahaha ,not so sure if she will be happy with a sister sharing her makeup and princess dresses either !!

You can see from my dated psychic log just how early I knew !!

Due 22 September ,I think a girl ,two or three days early


3 thoughts on “Another indigo kid due :)

  1. Finally I can say “Congratulations Sis!”
    I am so excited & happy for all of you.
    Sending love & white light of protection to all also.
    Lots of Love, Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤ ❤
    P.S.: You are theBbEST Grammie EVER!


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