I am sooooo unwell

Yes I know I have always got something wrong with me due to being disabled with various chronic illnesses but I thought I had seen the back of the scarlet fever …nope, i had about three days break from it and now have tonsillitis so bad I can’t even sip water,the infection has spread to my ears, i am allergic to most anti biotics now due to being on them so long due to my immune disorder,so my GP has put me on the last kind she can try me on,they must be strong because I have to take eight a day ! That’s all very well but my throat is closing so much I cant take them ,or all my other meds I need ,so as well as suffering with the severe tonsillitis ,I’m now in a fibro flare,migraine flare,m.e flare and everything else flare cos I can’t take my meds,in three days I’ve had about six sips of water,no food,not even anything mushy like yogurt and the longest I can sleep is for ten minutes at a time before I am awake and crying,gosh you know its bad for me to cry !!!

So now it seems like I will have to be admitted to hospital on Monday for intravenous fluids and anti biotics,how many more years do I have to have this argument with doctors ,that its easier,more natural and cheaper in the long run to give me “white cell transfusions” its what they normally give people who have CVID (complex variable immune deficiency) soon I will run out of anti biotics I can take at all.

What am I meant to do ,wear a bubble suit round my grandkids ?

I cannot stay in hospital, its the worst place for me with all the infections around ! Plus the beds are not exactly built for people with head to toe body pain.

  • So.sick.of this,we never get anything in this house done ! What had been put off for years we had just started on finally

Hubby got me this owlie to cheer me up,its called “srawberry jam”for some bizarre reason 😉


7 thoughts on “I am sooooo unwell

  1. Eevee, I am so sorry. I can’t imagine dealing with such pain. I hope your hospitalization helps. And I hope Strawberry Jam the owl gives you lots of smiles. What a thoughtful gift from your husband.


  2. I almost fainted when I read this post! Oh Sis I am sorry you are so very sick. Bloody Scarlett Fever! Bloody Tonsillitis!
    I have not been myself either with the Sinusitis & Bronchitis & so far behind with blogs & emails…..I apologize!
    It is now Monday 3:30 pm (my time) & I am hoping & praying that you are on the mend & can avoid Hospital at all costs!!
    Sending you lots of ❤ LOVE ❤ & healing white light!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: I adore Strawberry Jam owl; so cute! Beardie is so thoughtful!!


    1. Don’t apologize !! Sorry you are so crappy too,I’ve never had sinusitis and never want it thanks, I’ve heard how awful it can be ,thankfully I seem to be avoiding hospital ,last night my tonsils popped which was pretty gross but now the yuck is out the pain is gone,I’ve never understood why they make people suffer for ten days with excruciating pain when everyone knows that if they drain the pus out of anything= immediate pain relief,I’m just so glad it didn’t spread to my salivary glands and give me Ludwig’s angina cos that can be fatal ,as I almost learnt before.I am still taking a week of babysitting though cos now “slapped face” syndrome is going a round which I didn’t know is actually a strain of PARVO VIRUS ,no thank you to that one !! The kids have other arrangements,soon I am going to have to start wearing surgical masks around them at all times like Michael Jackson because no one Will sort out my CVID *sigh* …hope you are better really soon ((big hugs)) xxx


      1. I would not wish Sinusitis on my enemies even! It started up last night & I rubbed Olbas Oil into forehead, sinuses & throat. It calmed it down…..now what to do about the cough!
        WOW about the tonsils ‘popping’; that must have been gross & yet a relief!!! And I am relieved the pain has subsided! I am also glad the infection did not spread….
        “Slapped Face’ syndrome DOES exist? I must Google this!
        Between your CIVD & my SCIDS we make a right old pair don’t we?
        SCIDS: Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome…
        I have a feeling they are one & the same.
        I can tell you I have never taken this long to recuperate & I am still not 100%. And I have a feeling my Viral Sinusitis is just waiting to rise again! UGH!!!
        Being chronically ill is exhausting work isn’t it Sis??????

        ❤ Luv ❤ to Jupiter & back 444,444 times Sherri-Ellen


      2. Ouch !!! And to think we have various sinuses in our skull just so it weighs less ,a useless fact I learnt at dental college ! ,its either “slapped face ” or “slapped cheeks” on account of the red cheek rash they get.complex variable immune used to be called COMMON variable til they realised it wasn’t common at all,I will look up the one you mentioned. It sure is exhausting and on top of that we get chronic fatigue don’t we,oh joy xxx


      3. Oh yeah…total joy!! Today I can barely function after yesterday’s 7 a.m. start & being out til 3 p.m. I had a short nap last night but was all in by 11 p.m. Today I’m all thumbs & can’t think clearly…Fibro fuzzy brain…..
        Huh so that is why it’s called ‘slapped face’! Very cool fact Sis 🙂


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