More lookalikes

When my son was little he looked so much like Prince William he was wanted for modelling but we turned it down, he could not go anywhere without old ladies pinching his cheeks and giving him money,he even used to get free stuff in shops, it started to get a bit awkward !!

But now he is an adult he often gets accused of looking like James corden

When I watched it with Arwen she insisted it was daddy ! 🙂

But personally I think he looks very like Kevin James

Especially when they both have the auburn beards ! They are both built like rugby players,I dont have any current photos of my son on my tablet, he is much smaller than Kevin James, and smaller than in these photos,my son has lost an amazing three stone (well done son) must get some up to date pics,but even hubby who doesn’t tend to notice lookalikes says Kevin James is just an older and bigger version of our Nathan James,they even have similar comedy 🙂

When hubby had hair he looked like Dave Grohl of foo fighters and even had people pointing at him when we were walking around at a concert venue

When my dad was alive he kept on about how my hubby looked like Frank Zappa, hubby didn’t know who that was so I had to show him,one of the studio portraits I did of him at college was the closest match

Frank Zappa


Then when he shaved his hair off he made the mistake of using a big razor too and taking it too far,I can’t find the PIC of it but he looked like Tom Hardy playing Britain’s most notorious prisoner charles Bronson ,it was horrible,of course our son thought it was cool and showed all his mates

This is Tom obviously, not hubby

I am not going to say who I look like,no its not just “braveheart” that ones been done to death…there will be a new blog 😉


2 thoughts on “More lookalikes

  1. I agree that Nate looks like Kevin James more…altho I can see why Arwen Rose thinks her Daddy looks like James Cordon. When I was a little girl I thought my Father was actually an actor on TV. There was a show called “Perry Mason” starring Raymond Burr. I thought that from ages 2-5 when my Father finally took me to the wholesale shoe store he worked in…..hahaha!!!
    Both Raymond Burr & my father were born in 1917. So I had the age right.
    Here is a link to a pic of a young Raymond Burr & trsut me he looks JUST like my Father did!!! Funny how someone born in British Columbia, Canada & someone in Hamburg, Germany could look so alike! (And Beardie DOES look like DG!!!)


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