More silly Facebook tests (that seem to be accurate !)

Sometimes I get bored,sometimes these tests are ridiculous but sometimes quite accurate as shown by last time I blogged about them

Here are some more

No to imaginary friend,yes to the rest

All true

The moon !! No to loud music though


Lol “wind”

Doubtful as not many people cope with friends with chronic illness *sigh* would be nice though

Like this

Very true

Lol with my health issues body is more like 200,soul more like 1000

Now that is weird cos one of my recurring dreams for years is that I am in a car I cannot control (I cant drive in real life)

Agree with storm part but not desert, cant bear the heat

That is actually quite true and strangely I did a cover version of “back to black’

Uuummm I can also be very angry but I am trying to be more white

People have seen my dark side ,although its true to say I’ve learnt to put that away these days

Agree but I am not shy

I have been told I am a ” starseed” interesting about artists, giving back control,freedom,activism for social change and privacy: all things I am involved in

I am re reading this book for a second time ,I am yet to make my mind up,and I do work with tektite and moldavite which are meteorite crystals and supposedly give you a link to extra terrestrials,I have had lots of UFO /alien experiences.

I do often wonder how I ended up doing what I do..the psychic and paranormal work !! And how come I didn’t just end up with a “normal” job


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